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Interactive Annual 19:

Tetrageddon Games

Launch Live Site

“The best art not only creates something new to provoke emotions, but also makes references to past art and culture. This site is provocative and modern and full of references in style and content to old video games, Internet memes, digital pop culture and more. It is one of the most interesting pieces of interactive art I’ve seen.”
—Sophie Henry

“A definite time killer…8-bit graphics; what’s not to love?” —Perry Fair

Overview: Tetrageddon Games is an open-source freeware arcade created and run by one very passionate person. The open source arcade consists of an exploration of games-as-art, Internet-as-game and the musical and comedic interpretation of games. It’s a long-term project that’s redefines interactivity while exploring how the gaming industry has revolutionized entertainment and delivery platforms for entertainment. Bursting with experimental projects and creative freedom, the site ambitiously breaks through the confines of what’s “technically impossible.”

  • • Part of a long-term initiative to be a creative resource, all site assets and source files are freely available via a “view source” option.
  • • The games draw on the fond nostalgic familiarity of console systems and raise the bar by surprising users with today’s ridiculous meme-like themes.

Comments by Nathalie Lawhead:

What was the most challenging aspect of the project? “Relevance. The content is strongly geared toward the meme-as-game model. It’s perfect if you want viral publicity, but in doing so it is difficult to stay relevant. Many memes have a short life expectancy. If you draw on something that is too old, people won’t find it funny or entertaining. A lot of effort is invested in coming up with concepts that are unique, relevant to what’s out there and that outlast short-lived trends.”

How did this project compare with others you've worked on in the past? “Much of it is of experimental in nature and that alone makes it a lot more courageous than other projects I’ve worked on. There is no holding back.”

Did you learn anything new during the process? “I’m always learning, because I’m always trying to outdo myself. I'm most passionate about pursuing things that are difficult or new. I love the learning curve. It’s what makes working in IT, online media and interactive platforms exciting.”


Nathalie Lawhead, AlienMelon (Irvine, CA), project design and development

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