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Interactive Annual 19:

Volkswagen Innovation Channel

Launch Live Site

“A great way to shake users out of the complacency of watching a video. This project takes the common experience of watching a YouTube video and forces users to reevaluate what is part of the video and what is not. Creativity and technology are seamlessly integrated.”
—Sophie Henry

“An innovative use of YouTube technology to demonstrate the innovative technology of the new Volkswagen.”
—Scott Prindle

Overview: This clever campaign creates the perception that Volkswagen is an innovative brand that consistently offers consumers the latest and best in automotive technology. Instead of a conventional website, this microsite launched inside YouTube. Divided in four parts, each one highlighting a feature introduced by Volkswagen, the films are hosted by Brazilian actor Lázaro Ramos (whose popularity lent a viral component). The sitelets proved the perfect way to present content targeted toward a tech-savvy audience; the innovative channel and format not only gave viewers the opportunity to interact with VW’s features and technologies, but began a new conversation around the brand.

  • • The site was the digital component of a larger campaign and was in development for nine months.
  • • Strict Google posting polices required content to go through multiple approval steps before it could air.
  • • During six months on air, the project received more than 1.5 million unique views (1 million of those were garnered in just a month) and the number of fans on the Volkswagen Facebook page increased by 1,448 percent, giving the car manufacturer the highest number of fans in the country.

Comments by AlmapBBDO

What was the primary goal of the project? “Our primary goal was to offer a unique experience by integrating the film with 3-D post-production. The result proved that innovation and technology are part of the brand’s DNA.”

What was the most challenging aspect of the project? “Trying to find the best way to use technology in favor of the idea.”

What was the response the project? “The campaign showed that Volkswagen’s technologies stirred the public’s imagination: The innovation gap between Volkswagen and its competitors increased 37 percent; in a quantitative post-test evaluation, 90 percent of the interviewees affirmed that Volkswagen is an innovative brand (an affirmation that didn’t occur in previous tests).”


Hauck Araujo/Bruno Prosperi/Nathalia Resende/Sandro Rosa, art directors
Flavia Figueiredo/Luciana Haguiara/Renato Simoes, writers
Luciana Haguiara/Sandro Rosa, creative directors
Marcos Medeiros/Renato Simoes, creative directors
Luiz Sanches, executive creative director
Fernando Boniotti, technology director
Vanessa Marques, information architect
Paulo Diehl, video director
Cabaret, sound designer
Ana Carolina Cintra, project manager
Gabriel Dagostini/Vera Jacinto, Telecine and visual effects directors
Conspiraçao Concept, post production company
Conspiraçao, production company
AlmapBBDO (Sao Paulo, Brazil), project design and development
Volkswagen Brazil, client

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