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WEEK OF JULY 27, 2015

Eight contemporary designers redefining typography.

Colby Parson says UX design as we know it won’t survive.

Ross Floate says stop looking for the Inspiration Fairy.

The reason every meme uses that one font.

Peter McCormack says online advertising does not work.

Tom Kenny on the unfortunate thought process of a web design project.

Travis Gertz on how to survive the digital apocalypse.

Ain’t I a Type Nerd Too? Elizabeth CareySmith shares her thoughts on feminism & type.

Marcin Treder on why everyone is a designer... but shouldn’t design.

Dan Porter on why your creative process should make you laugh.

Jay Hirschfeld on the failing of modern photography education.

Talia Wolf on the emotional power of color.

WEEK OF JULY 20, 2015

Screenings: a curated site of design-related videos.

What to do when someone steals your idea.

AP to upload more than 550,000 historical videos to YouTube.

Designer Bios: how designers describe themselves.

Preparing to fail as a designer.

Eight ways designers mess up interviews.

POSSIBLE CEO Shane Atchison says the glamour of advertising has gone—and that’s a good thing.

What three major designers learned from their biggest mistakes.

The 100 best design blogs to follow.

The history of animation.

Five roles every great designer must play.

Clark Wimberly on how to handle a design critique.

Can design help the USPS make postage stamps popular again?

Nicolas Finet on why the road to good ideas is paved with bad ones.

WEEK OF JULY 13, 2015

Brian Barrett on why Flash must die.

Thirteen exercises for photographers that can help jump-start creativity.

Why you need design: an excerpt from Mike Monteiro’s You’re My Favorite Client.

Ten fonts that might be worse than Comic Sans.

Matthew Ström on why well-designed interfaces look boring.

How Pantone colors your world: Why your wardrobe is wine-hued this year.

The 50 best design documentaries.

The eleven types of trendy graphic design Paul Rand hated.

Cennydd Bowles on the ethics of digital design.

Suits & Sandals' Nick Dank says web design is NOT dead, you’re just talking about it wrong.

Emma Tucker says annual reports aren’t boring—they’re a juicy design challenge.

Upstatement’s Mike Swartz on the future of design, virtual reality, and what it could mean for designers of digital experiences.

The future of flat design.