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nuSchool’s Lior Frenkel on how much you should charge for design.

Posters Against Ebola. All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.

The logo design history of the Patriots and Seahawks.

22 movies every designer should watch.

Paul Venables says, amid the Super Bowl Hype, don’t forget advertising’s core mission.

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UCDA Design Summit. March 26-28, New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Photojournalist Steve McCurry’s words of wisdom for photographers.

Super Bowl Ad Center: All the 2015 pre-releases, teasers and commercials.

Greg Storey’s follow up on the future of the design agency.

Sponsored: Shutterstock’s 2015 Creative Trends report explores trends impacting design, photography and video.

Brooke Kao explores the when, why and how of designing in browser.

Nick Sherman on the future of responsive typography.


Sponsored: Blind’s Matthew Encina on how to create great storyboards.

Steven Heller on when Bauhaus met lounge music.

Cemre Güngör describes his first year of designing at Facebook.

Podcast: Greg Storey on the future of the design agency.

CP+B’s Jesse Jones on why there will never be a post-technology era for creative agencies.

Pearlfisher’s Natalie Chung makes five packaging design predictions for 2015.

Tools of the trade: the tools some of the world’s leading UI/UX designers use on a daily basis.

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Tobias van Schneider says the agency is dead. Long live the agency.

How iconic typographic picket signs became our eternal cry for justice.


Can new fonts really breathe life into the postindustrial city?

Wilhelm Deffke, one of the 20th Century’s most prolific logo designers, gets his due.

How an illustrators’ organization is shaking things up in Singapore.

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Nine of the world’s leading designers talk about what matters now.

Can a typeface promote unity? A look at two Arabic/Hebrew fonts.

Trail Type: A collection of type found in the wilderness.

The ten most popular web fonts of 2014 as featured on Typewolf.

Min Tran pleads for designers to stop using Material Design for everything.