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WEEK OF JULY 21, 2014

The game of design: 10 things creatives have in common.

Women in graphic design (and why we need to talk about them).

A comprehensive reading list for and by designers.

WEEK OF JULY 14, 2014

How creative hobbies improve our performance at everything.

Video: Gregory Heisler shares insight and advice for photographers.

The AIGA 2014 survey of design salaries.

Case study: DesignStudio’s rebranding of Airbnb.

How Google’s revised Roboto font tries to anticipate the future.

Social Good Ipsum: fill your comps with compassion.

Tumblr: People who look cool wearing Google Glass.

Vignelli’s 1972 map of the New York Subway, the subway map NYC loves to hate.

Video: David Berlow, recipient of the Type Directors Club 2014 Medal of Excellence.

Why fonts still matter in digital media.

Podcast: Namdev Hardisty, Mitch Goldstein and Chappell Ellison discuss design criticism and its place in design.

Monotype acquires FontShop International.

The software design trends that we love to hate.

Video: John Maeda describes how the new economic climb will be powered by great design.

The World Cup: A graphic history.

WEEK OF JULY 07, 2014

Infographic: 15 types of clients and how to handle them properly.

Justin Mezzell on the value of thoughtful critique.

Is it wrong for designers to have a favorite typeface?

Five TEDTalks to kick-start your creativity.

The fast-changing market for fonts.

The best and worst design of the 2014 World Cup.

VSCO profiles Official Mfg. Co.

Etsy’s senior product design manager Cap Watkins on the myth of the fully-realized design.

NPR creative director Liz Danzico interviewed by The Great Discontent.

Three reasons why agency-client relationships fail.

Is the print portfolio making a comeback in the age of the Internet?

Mike Dempsey discusses ethics and the graphic designer.

Tin Kadoic says all design is UX design.

Four things leaders get wrong about creativity.

5 Questions for 100 Designers: Michael Bierut.

WEEK OF JUNE 30, 2014

Pearlfisher’s Sophie Maxwell on Brand Empathy, a new focus on human-centered design.

What independent agencies of the future will need to compete.

Beautiful Web Type: A showcase of the best typefaces from the Google web fonts directory.

CA columnist Ernie Schenck on recombinant creativity vs. waiting for the original idea.

Find Guidelines: Links to brand assets available on the web.

Gestalten Video: Erik Spiekermann on the heritage of letterpress printing and design entrepreneurship.

The advantages of being an independent ad agency.