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WEEK OF APRIL 20, 2015

This month’s roundup of type-related info and entertainment from I love Typography.

Gyro’s Patrick O’Hara on looking beyond technology’s glittering lure.

Colorless adventures in a colorful world: what it’s like to be a color-blind designer/programmer.

The history of Knolling, the most popular Instagram trend.

Darrin Crescenzi on why the Golden Ratio still matters.

Sam Macon on his documentation of the creative tradition of sign painting.

Ten things designers freaking hate with a passion.

Kevin Ashton on why people who brainstorm are wasting their time.

Mark Duffy on how to get ahead as a young ad creative.

Can’t concentrate? Jeremy Kratz on silence in the workplace.

Video: Photographer Ted Forbes answers the question, Should I work for free?

Design is compromise. Stephan Ango asks, when did the word “compromise” become vilified?

Jared M. Spool on the redesign of the design process.

Madeleine Morley visits Erik Spiekermann’s studio for a master class in letterpress printing.

How Su Mathews Hale is designing the future for women.

WEEK OF APRIL 13, 2015

The next big thing in design? Huge CEO Aaron Shapiro says less choice.

Bluegg CD Tom Lloyd on why designers should write more.

Five lessons on being wrong: Your first choice is rarely the optimal choice.

FHK Henrion: the complete designer.

Part II of Eli Schiff’s “Fall of the Designer,” a discussion on the future of interaction design.

Famous ads created by women of the “Mad Men” era.

How an unknown photographer named Carleton E. Watkins helped save Yosemite.

Will Sansbury explains that design is about process, not genius.

Why multitasking is bad for our brains.

Hillary Clinton’s logo gets mixed reviews from design experts.

The Golden Ratio: design’s biggest myth.

A short history of image manipulation before Photoshop.

Thomas Byttebier on why the best UI typeface goes unnoticed.

Illustrator Tom Froese on pushing past creative block.

WEEK OF APRIL 06, 2015

Find Your Focus: TYPO San Francisco 2015, April 30-May 1.

Anna Lisnyak on the differences between Flat Design and Material Design.

Why designers should never use fake text.

Amy Papaelias on sexism and fonts.

Pentagram partner Michael Bierut on finding your voice.

Design trends: Has visual design fallen flat?

Part II of Andy Hutchinson’s humorous real meanings of common photographic words and expressions.

Design experts weigh in on Rand Paul’s campaign logo.

Four tips on typography in UI design.