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Winners of the 2014 Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards.

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DrawType: the Keyboard that lets you draw your messages.

Slow down, and other life advice from Liz Danzico to herself as a young designer.

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From Hoefler & Co.: Quarto, a fiery display face rooted in one of typography’s most significant periods.

Nine basic principles of responsive web design.

Digital Arts’s five top visual trends for November.

FontCast #19: typeface designer and font developer Mark Simonson.


The best typography-based sites of October according to Typewolf.

Copyright theft: a scourge to be purged or just a fact of life?

AIGA Gain conference video: Marty Neumeier on Metaskills, five talents for the robotic age.

From Papyrus to Pixels. The digital transformation of the way books are written, published and sold has only just begun.

Ten truths about freelancing no one tells you.

Google’s quest to write the rulebook for interactive design.

Designers Who Read, igniting critical discussion on design.

Creative distraction: Inspirograph by Nathan Friend, a digital replica of the classic Spirograph toy.

Creative Characters interview: Alexandra Korolkova, principal designer at ParaType.