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Why agency people are so unhappy.

Is Apple finally getting serious about type design?

Results of the latest “50 Books/50 Covers” competition.

Mike Monteiro on 13 ways designers screw up client presentations.

How emotional debt is damaging digital design.

What you should do before downloading iOS 8.

Creative Interviews: DJ O’Neil, CEO/creative director of Hub Strategy & Communication.

20 under 20: The inaugural celebration of the 20 most talented young photographers on Flickr.

One hundred years since the “Golden Age” of posters began.

R/GA Global CCO Nick Law thinks analog and digital can get along.

The Great Discontent interviews photographer Theron Humphrey.

Pentagram partner Natasha Jen on why it’s (occasionally) okay to work for free.

The Bézier Game, a game to master the pen tool.

State of the Creative: Interview with the CEO & CCO at StrawberryFrog.


Motiv founder Dylan Feltus says for designers, the customer is never right (even when they are).

Edenspiekermann’s Hans Booms on the power of branded infographics.

Designboom interview with designer Natasha Jen of Pentagram.

Designers pick their favorite infographics.

Blair Bunting says the iPhone is NOT for photographers.

The winning selections from AIGA’s 2014 “Justified” competition.

Five business mistakes photographers make and what you can do about them.

Video: Type Safari, a typographic tour of Brooklyn and Queens with James Victore.

New 3% Conference research report: Female CDs are on the rise.

One Hundred Patterns Tumblr by Ben Barry.

Kimberly Morrow on why content strategy is vital to responsive design.

Google Fonts + Aesop’s Fables: typographic inspiration using Google’s web fonts by Phoebe E.

Nice Portfolio: A curated showcase of the best design portfolios on the web. Handpicked by Kim Walker.

Learning the hard way: What went wrong when Dare & MCBD came together.

Hulsbosch creative director Linda Jukic and desktop editor Bonnie Abbott on the future of design: Adapt or die.

WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 01, 2014 articles and code tutorials on software, web and mobile app development from AKQA.

On Flickr, 2.6 million public domain images, published over the last 500 years.

The Typographic Circle’s tumblr, full of typographic inspiration.

The best typography-based sites of August 2014 according to Type & Grids.

How to protect yourself against hackers (or at least make it difficult for them).

Typekit’s Tim Brown on selecting typefaces for body text.

Four design lessons from Google’s Material Design documentation.

The Great Discontent interviews Media Temple’s creative/UX director Jon Setzen.

Apple explains why your iOS app keeps getting rejected.

Steven Heller and Lita Talarico on why today’s designers need to also think like entrepreneurs.