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WEEK OF MARCH 02, 2015

Why the card UI is the next big interaction paradigm.

Design is your career, not your hobby: Bethany Heck’s advice for young designers.

Stefan Rössler says Lorem Ipsum has to die.

Demystifying the muse: five creativity myths you need to stop believing, by Jory Mackay.

Atomicdust’s Mike Spakowski on the problem with an overly rigid brand standards guide.

Andrew Tate explains seven ways doodling will change your life.


A brief history of user experience by Ali Rushdan Tariq.

Five design heavyweights weigh in on that holiest of grails: the perfect typeface.

Creative director Maria Rapetskaya says stop apologizing for wanting work/life balance.

The Hunger Games: Speider Schneider explores the impact of spec work on the design industry.

MinaLima on designing the graphics for The Imitation Game.

Spring Studio’s Linda Matthews on how to channel and sustain creativity.

Dan Englander on why startup culture is bad for creative firms.

Copyranter Mark Duffy on how to make great creative content in ten not-so-easy steps.

How Paul Rand pioneered the era of design-led businesses.

Video: The cinematic portrayal of graphic designers in film and television.

Belief Agency’s Cali Pitchel explores how to balance your craft and your career.

Rune Madsen on the rise of the meta-designer and algorithmic design systems.

Paul Bailey on the marginalizing of creativity by the creative industries.

metaflop: an easy-to-use web application for modulating your own fonts.


300 awesome free things: A massive list of free resources you should know.

Behind the scenes of The New York Times Magazine redesign.

Why The Grand Budapest Hotel’s typography is the star of the movie.

The finalists in the graphics category for the Design Museum’s Designs of the Year.

Eli Schiff on the entrenchment of modern minimalism in interface design.

Portraits in Creativity: a series of short-form documentary videos directed and produced by Gael Towey.

Paying attention: Faris Yakob on content marketing and creating value for the end user.

Christopher Butler on the (somewhat commoditized) state of web design.

Photoshop at 25: A thriving chameleon adapts to an Instagram world.

Adobe’s future plans for Creative Cloud.

Jesse Weaver shares five books every designer should read about the way people think.

Vincent Le Moign on why cheap creative assets won’t kill design jobs.

Missy Mwac says passion isn’t enough to succeed in photography.

Why Trajan, the world’s oldest typeface, still matters.


Copyranter Mark Duffy says native advertising is killing ad creativity.

Julia Hawes explains how the movie poster survived the digital age.

Noah Jacobus on the perils of the armchair design critique.