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WEEK OF JULY 06, 2015

A comprehensive reading list for and by designers.

Ian Paget asks: Does a logo design need to work in black and white to be successful?

WEEK OF JUNE 29, 2015

30 inspirational videos for designers.

Futurist Tracey Follows on the future of the advertising industry.

Great font combinations: best practices to use fonts in web design.

A visual brief on the history of icons.

Allison Schiff on creativity and data—it’s not an either/or kind of thing.

Seven personality traits of great designers.

Chip Kidd on rising to the occasion, hard work and making a great impression.

Tony Stubblebine comments on the sad state of job titles.

Kate Meyer on the roots of minimalism in web design.

Meet the man who created the rainbow flag.

Shopify’s director of design Verne Ho describes the three pillars of a healthy design culture.

35 books every designer should read.

Bruno Bergher on the value of working at the lowest level of fidelity.

WEEK OF JUNE 22, 2015

Tom Greever explains why great designers are great communicators.

When does inspiration turn into plagiarism?

Julie Zhuo on a matter of principle: surfacing the core truths in every design.

Animation and design—the past, present and future.

Aaron Tenbuuren on designing for (and with) color blindness.

Part three of Maggie Macnab’s series on effective logo design.

Brad Frost on the future of web design.

Smart Design’s Dan Formosa makes six predictions that will change design as we know it.

A font that’s fighting crime on the roadway.

Why empty states deserve more design time.

What we’re not talking about when we’re talking about the presidential campaign logos.

A short list of rules to help designers make better presentations.

The color of empathy is not flat: Jayson McCauliff provides insights to color blindness and design.

Contribution: a tale of two designers.

WEEK OF JUNE 15, 2015

Beyond Tufte: nine great books about information visualization.

James Gross on why technology and creativity are better together.

From Psycho to Jurassic Park: exploring iconic movie poster typography.

Jason Cranford Teague explains why your typography doesn’t need to be readable.

How designers earn and keep their seat at the table.

Web standards and responsive typography: an interview with Jeffrey Zeldman.