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Laura Snoad identifies creative trends across art, design, photography, music, film and more.

The Great Discontent interviews art director/author/editor/educator Steven Heller.

InVision’s Ben Jordan on the Reactive Design Revolution.

“Tobias Frere-Jones v. Jonathan Hoefler” has been settled.

How to design for thumbs in the era of huge screens.

Developer Devon Campbell on the high cost of freelancing.

New Adobe study confirms creativity drives business results.


Ashley Andy explains why your agency should stop pitching—now.

I love Typography’s new monthly roundup of type-related info and entertainment.

Heidi Hackemer’s journey from dropout to building a brand shop that doesn't follow all the rules.

The future of fonts according to Red Peak Branding chief creative officer Stewart Devlin.

Peter Mendelsund explains what makes for a brilliant book cover.

Monotype’s design director Mark Boulton on how graphic design is as much about use as it is about look.

Design accreditation: Where do various creative organizations stand?

Video: Aaron Draplin & The Art of the Side Hustle.

AIGA 100: A Century of Design, an exhibition culled from the organization’s archives, at The Museum of Design Atlanta through October 5th.

How to create a compelling creative brief.

Thanks to a convergence of creativity, technology and big money, is this the new golden age of design?

6th Annual Los Angeles Printer Fair, Saturday, October 4th, a celebration of letterpress printing, book arts and paper.

Diversity and inclusion in design: Why do they matter?

Sam Potts posts a refutation of “The Elements of Typographic Style.”


Why agency people are so unhappy.

Is Apple finally getting serious about type design?

Results of the latest “50 Books/50 Covers” competition.

Mike Monteiro on 13 ways designers screw up client presentations.

How emotional debt is damaging digital design.

What you should do before downloading iOS 8.

Creative Interviews: DJ O’Neil, CEO/creative director of Hub Strategy & Communication.

20 under 20: The inaugural celebration of the 20 most talented young photographers on Flickr.

One hundred years since the “Golden Age” of posters began.

R/GA Global CCO Nick Law thinks analog and digital can get along.

The Great Discontent interviews photographer Theron Humphrey.

Pentagram partner Natasha Jen on why it’s (occasionally) okay to work for free.

The Bézier Game, a game to master the pen tool.

State of the Creative: Interview with the CEO & CCO at StrawberryFrog.


Motiv founder Dylan Feltus says for designers, the customer is never right (even when they are).