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Surrounded by photography from an early age, Brandon Schulman’s love for the photographic process comes from a lifelong respect for passionate ... more


How did you get started in photography? My father was an avid amateur photographer. He saved up to buy a Rolleiflex in the fifties and built a makeshift darkroom in his childhood bathroom. When I was born, there was already a darkroom in my home; I was six when I got my first camera. He is the reason I am a photographer today. By the time I was in high school, I was already shooting concerts for small music magazines and printing wedding albums in a color darkroom.

Where did you travel in your A Portrait of America Left Behind series? I realized I was not going to be able to pull ... more


Olivia Gideon Thomson tells us what agents are looking for in photographers.

Frank Chi, the designer behind "Can't Spell Truth without Ruth" stickers, reveals how design fuels activism.

Design Culture COLUMNS
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Wendy Richmond wonders at the myriad options made available by 3-D printers.

Advertising COLUMNS
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Arnold Worldwide ECD Wade Devers strives to spark the agency’s creative culture.

Creativity COLUMNS
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Sara Breselor meets Cooper & Gorfer, an inseparable artistic duo at the intersection of photography and painting.

Emerging Media COLUMNS
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"Selfie" cameras have crashed the commercial scene. Photographer Zack Seckler surveys the damage.

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Can’t we all just get along? Paul Woods argues for greater rapport between developers and designers.