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Chris Philpot makes a living creating “weird infographics.” His editorial illustration clients include the Atlantic, Esquire, Entrepreneur and ... more


How did you transition from being an art director to a full-time freelance illustrator? I went about the transition in an intentional way. For years, I spent weekends and evenings doing extra work. Eventually, I got a great opportunity to become an art director at Outside magazine, where I could freelance in the downtime of the magazine cycle. Then in 2009, I was one of the casualties of the recession. But by that point, because I had been working for a year and a half at Outside while doing heavy loads of freelance work, I could transition right into creating illustrations full time. I’ve been freelance illustrating full time for the past five years now.

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When working with global luxury brands, Andreas Neophytou finds critical theory to be a useful tool.

Colin Nagy reveals how today’s content producers can look to the world of journalism for lessons.

Design Culture COLUMNS
by Wendy Richmond

Wendy Richmond finds an unexpected source of inspiration for a new body of work.

Advertising COLUMNS
by Ernie Schenck

Amid the creative buzz of the agency floor, Ernie Schenck gives a shout-out to silence.

Typography COLUMNS
by Denise Bosler

Font whisperers Denise Bosler and Sarah Hyndman on how to listen to type.

Creativity COLUMNS
by Dave Kuhl

Creative director Dave Kuhl calculates his own creative batting average and encourages others to do the same.

Design Details COLUMNS
by Sara Breselor

Sara Breselor reports on how photographers are helping brands repicture ideals of beauty, family and work for women.