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Designer, writer, entrepreneur Jeffrey Zeldman founded A List Apart magazine in 1998 and Happy Cog design studios in 1999. ... more


How did you get started in interactive design and learn the necessary skills? In 1995, I was languishing in an advertising career. Warner Bros. was about to release Batman Forever. Their VP of marketing, Don Buckley, had a critical insight that the web was going to be hugely important. At the time, the web was hideous and primitive. But Don saw its potential. He asked the agency if it had the ability to design websites. The agency president lied and said yes. Then he asked three of his employees (Steve McCarron, Alec Pollak and me) if we knew how to design websites. We, of course, also lied and said yes.

Had we known anything about web design, we would have created something boring and safe. But we kicked against all the ... more


Erika Hall shares what elevates design beyond just a good-looking container for words.

Kat Holmes explains how human-centered design can humanize technology.

Design Details COLUMNS
by Sara Breselor

The audience is listening. Sara Breselor urges designers to consider how identity systems are both seen and heard.

Advertising COLUMNS
by Ernie Schenck

Ernie Schenck awaits the creative colonization of an abandoned outpost—radio.

Emerging Media COLUMNS
by Sam McMillan

Sam McMillan reports on the coming wave of wearables and how interface designers should prepare.

Design Culture COLUMNS
by Susan Hodara

Writer Susan Hodara muses on the miracle that creative professionals experience daily.

Business COLUMNS
by Jessica Carew Kraft

Why crowdsourcers compete and whether we should care, by Jessica Carew Kraft.