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Ana Andjelic performed dissertation research for her Columbia University PhD in sociology at Razorfish and AKQA. She enjoyed it so much that she decided to stay in ... more


How does your PhD in sociology help you as a digital strategist? A PhD program is a boot camp for thinking. It’s hard. Your professors, advisers and peers all push you to do better thinking: clearer, more succinct, more imaginative, deeper, wider and smarter. The training in thinking is indispensable in any profession, including digital strategy.

At Columbia University, I learned from David Stark about organizational innovation and digital technologies. I also studied the work of Bruno Latour, a French sociologist who claims that social behavior is distributed between people, technologies, objects and ideas. It is so great to have that perspective as a strategist who designs interfaces and interactions that shape human ... more


Su Mathews Hale advocates for women’s under-publicized work in design.

Mark Laita thinks creatives should have more business savvy than they often realize.

Emerging Media COLUMNS
by Dzana Tsomondo

Dzana Tsomondo reports on the technological wins and regulatory losses sending eager drone photographers into a tailspin.

Design Details COLUMNS
by Sara Breselor

Sara Breselor shows how strategic design thinkers use illustration to get everyone on the same page.

Design Culture COLUMNS
by Wendy Richmond

Wendy Richmond takes note of a new era in which the screens are watching us.

Creativity COLUMNS
by John Coulthart

Illustrator John Coulthart traces the colorful history of psychedelic art.

Business COLUMNS
by Yolanda Zappaterra

Yolanda Zappaterra reports on the burgeoning business of indie magazines in the renaissance of print.