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Oakland, California–based freelance photographer Balazs Gardi is most well known for documenting the everyday lives of diverse communities in great need. He travels to ... more


How did you get started in photography? I followed the suggestion of my grandmother and instead of becoming a ditch digger after high school—as I had initially planned—I started studying photography. I always had a hunch that classrooms weren’t my place to learn about life, but at the time I didn’t know how profoundly this choice would alter the person I came to be.

What drew you to worldwide water issues? Over my career, I’ve photographed a range of subjects, from tensions between rich and poor to full-blown wars. After some time, patterns emerged, and it became apparent that the ultimate source of conflict could very likely be water. None of us can live without it.

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Adrian Franks’s career melds art, design, activism and the future of wearables.

Kaitlin Yarnall reveals how cartography shares the same principles as good design.

by Xanthe Wells

Without sensitivity and grace, says CCO Xanthe Wells, a creative’s leap into leadership can leave her flat on her face.

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Rebecca Huval discovers anamorphism, an old artist’s trick that reveals a fresh point of view.

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Type designer and educator Cyrus Highsmith shows how to see and draw letters from the inside out.

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The audience is listening. Sara Breselor urges designers to consider how identity systems are both seen and heard.

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Ernie Schenck awaits the creative colonization of an abandoned outpost—radio.