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Design studio House of van Schneider teamed up with underwater photographer Alexander Semenov and his team to create the brand identity and interactive experience for the Aquatilis Expedition, a three-year interdisciplinary research journey through the world’s oceans. The expedition will be the world’s first global study of gelatinous plankton, small, soft-bodied creatures that are important research subjects but difficult to study because they are too fragile to be harvested and brought back to a lab.

Aquatilis will make unprecedented use of new technology, employing a custom-made remotely operated underwater robot with a built-in 4K camera and broadcasting via satellite from distant corners of the world. The design and photography team distilled the expedition’s spirit of innovative exploration and commitment to multimedia broadcasting into a unified vision for the website and larger brand identity: Aquatilis is where art meets science. The team wanted to create a sense of depth and wonder, combined with easy navigation, so they developed a simple yet subtle parallax scrolling action that tells a story of diving deeper and deeper until you reach the bottom of the sea. “We aim to use technology not for the sake of just using it,” says creative and art director Tobias van Schneider, “but for telling better stories.”