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Dadaab Stories

Education, Public Service

Dadaab, located in northern Kenya near the Somalian border, is the world’s largest refugee camp, home to half a million people. FilmAid, a humanitarian media organization that has been working in the camp since 2006, started Dadaab Stories to give the refugees a way to share their experience directly with the rest of the world. The site hosts video, photography, poetry, music and journalism, all created by residents of the camp.

To link the refugees directly to a community of readers and bloggers, developers at Ronik built the site on Tumblr’s JSON API. Tumblr featured the site on its dashboard and staff blog, and the community responded—Dadaab Stories has 10,000 Tumblr followers.

The design and navigation was kept as simple as possible, so that users can easily discover new stories and information. A video loop at the top of the home page gives an immediate sense of life in the camp without standing in the way of any of the content, and everything on the site is on a single page, so users quickly see the full breadth of the project.