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31 Days of Oscar

Entertainment, Branding

The theme of this year's 31 Days of Oscar site celebrates Oscar-nominated and winning films and the studios that made them. The site's core feature is the ability to browse Turner Classic Movies' photo archives and programming schedule through a collage within a movie studio light-table treatment (giving nod to the studio theme). "We needed to make sure that the style elements were elegant and nostalgic, but also allowed for flexibility for dynamic content," said Elijah Vargas of digital agency One Trick Pony. "All in all, we showcased 26 studios and over over 350 films; the design essentially complimented 6 decades of movie history."

Notable technical features include the use of HTML5 push state, as well as heavy use of the TweenMax library to reduce coding time and enrich the site experience with modern CSS3 techniques. 1 Trick Pony provided a custom CMS, built on CakePHP to handle resources and content internally throughout the site. Additionally, it hooks into TCM's API to access articles, archives, awards and video from TCM's massive movie database.