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Explore Edmonton

Travel/Tourism, Consumer

Edmonton, Canada has launched a new tourism campaign called Original Since Way Back, designed to let travelers around the world know that the city is a destination both lively and authentic. A key part of the campaign is the Explore Edmonton site, created by Tribal Worldwide’s Vancouver office and DDB Canada’s Edmonton office, which celebrates local knowledge with tips about “must-see” attractions and imagery that feels personal and spontaneous.

The website integrates with a third-party CMS called Prismic, which is used for writing, managing and storing content. Explore Edmonton uses Prismic’s API to pull content into the appropriate pages of the website. On the back end, the site is built on the Laravel PHP framework, which handles common tasks such as authentication, routing, sessions and caching. “The Prismic and Laravel integration was fantastic,” says Justin MacLeod, technical director at Tribal Worldwide. “With content-heavy websites, there is typically a huge delay between when the site is deployed and when content writers can add copy. By using Prismic we were able to perform both tasks in parallel, which reduced the overall development time significantly.” To ensure optimal load speed for users, all content is stored in Redis and periodically refreshed whenever content writers make changes in Prismic. To help with trip planning, the site lets users filter featured events according to the time of year they plan to visit. And though Explore Edmonton is targeted at tourists, it’s safe to say the locals approve—Paula Simons, an influential Edmonton columnist, wrote a cover story about the site for the Edmonton Journal under the headline, “Tourism website does our city justice.”