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Francis Ford Coppola Presents

Consumer Goods, Business

This portal introduces visitors to the full family of Francis Ford Coppola Web sites. From wine-making and pre-packaged foods to restaurants and private resorts, Francis Ford Coppola Presents is nothing if not diverse. This broad, widescreen look at its products and services, less corporate PR and more poetic story, beautifully conveys the character of the founder, the multiple facets of his company and the intent with which he grows it.

• Content is intended to convey the substance at the heart of the company and evoke an emotional response. Supporting the objective are compelling imagery and poetic writing that sell the promise of unique experiences.

• Hidden until needed, the global navigation lies behind an interactive drape. Revealed on rollover, it presents a simple list of businesses, organized by type, in a single glance. It’s a skillful way to get a site map, front-and-center in the interface.

• To add dimension to the screen, the developers created a mirror reflection of the imagery and content. With varying opacity, it creates a visually-interesting, water-like reflection.