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Herman Miller Thoughtpile

Consumer Goods, Consumer

Herman Miller’s successor to the Aeron Chair, Embody, allows bodies to move freely while seated. Thoughtpile was part of a campaign and one of two sites completed for the product launch; it successfully drove thousands of people (who may not have been thinking about chairs) to the other site:

More than a site about a chair, it’s an engaging visual celebration that pays tribute to the ideas that went into the making of the chair.

• Development time was three-and-a-half months from concept to completion.

• The site employs 3-D, along with all the latest technologies, yet the design is simple and classic.

• A new question posed every week, invites visitors to “pile on” their ideas and vote and comment on others; at the end of each week, the idea with the most votes would win its submitter a free Embody chair.

• Thoughtpile ended with this comment by Herman Miller.