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Entertainment, Public Service

Santa Monica’s KCRW radio is a beloved source of news and new music in the Los Angeles area, and the station’s new website makes it easier than ever for listeners anywhere to stream KCRW programming. The site, designed and developed by an in-house team and user experience experts Hard Candy Shell, has a very simple interface that puts audio and video at the forefront. The main feature is an “always on top” media player that continues to stream audio even as users navigate between different pages. To make the player mobile-friendly, KCRW traded Flash for a custom designed HTML5 player that allows users to stream from any device without having to download an app. The new site also lets you share individual segments instead of whole shows, and features live-streaming HD video of in-studio performances. The search function has been improved to give easy access to 20 years of archives housed on the site.

KCRW enlisted the help of Walter Robot to create a launch video that features voiceovers from David Lynch and Jack Black in addition to KCRW’s own Jason Bentley, Madeleine Brand and Elvis Mitchell. The launch of the new site was lauded on social media by notables such as Billboard, The National, Pete Yorn, Film Independent, McSweeney’s, Morgan Spurlock, Moby, Jamestown Revival, Scott Simon and Josh Groban.