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Little League, Big Legacy

Sports, Public Service

The players might be small, but there’s nothing little about Little League, which has been part of innumerable American childhoods. This site celebrates the organization’s 75th anniversary, which will take place in June 2014. The design and development team, which included Active Network and the Little League organization, wanted to honor the history of the League, but blend it with modern elements of web design. The site’s imagery and visual treatments add a feeling of nostalgia, while modern features show that Little League is as relevant today as it was when the organization was founded in Williamsport, Pennsylvania in 1939.

In addition to general and historical information about Little League, the site features a photo gallery of 75 years of the League’s best moments, an interactive timeline and opportunities to get involved by submitting your own photos to the Big Legacy Project and interacting through social feeds. There is a “carousel” of Little League memories, including testimonials from former leaguers like Dick Vitale and George W. Bush, and a “Test Your Knowledge” trivia quiz, which is updated with new questions each week. And because Little League has always been a family affair, the site acknowledges not just the players of past and present but the parents, coaches and faithful supporters who have made the organization special for decades.