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McColl Center for Art + Innovation

Art/Creative, Branding

Museums tend to display paintings with the most neutral background possible—a white wall—so that visitors focus on the art. For McColl Center for Art + Innovation's latest rebranding, Union created a minimal website to draw attention to the artwork, while also integrating cutting-edge layout, graphics and navigation to flaunt the center's innovative community work. With more than 300 artists-in-residence alumni, the Charlotte, North Carolina, center has supported artists concentrating on the environment, urban planning, social justice, technology and craft. To clearly spell out its multifaceted initiatives, the center's rebranded site features off-page, fly-out menus driven by animated CSS, which behave like navigation drawers. Six developers and designers finished the responsive site in four months. It features parallax scrolling and modular CSS with SVG animations for a novel user experience on every page. The new look has garnered the center attention: since the launch, daily traffic has increased 750 percent to 1,500 daily visitors.