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MIT List Visual Arts Center

Museum, Consumer

The List Visual Art Center is located on the campus of MIT, and its mission to explore challenging, intellectually driven contemporary art parallels the university’s commitment to pioneering scientific inquiry. The Center’s new website, designed and developed by branding and design firm TOKY, is part of a complete brand overhaul and was designed to work in concert with revamped identity, signage and print material. The palette of colors that animate the main navigation throughout the site creates a strong relationship to the larger identity without sacrificing the site’s dynamism.

In addition to being a gallery for exhibitions and a venue for events, the List Visual Arts Center places art throughout the entire campus of MIT. The site’s Public Art Map shows all List’s campus-wide displays, and when it’s viewed on a mobile device, the site tracks the user’s location, guides them through the campus and even provides audio tours of selected works. The site is an expression of List’s integration—both conceptually and physically—with its home on the MIT campus.