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Patagonia: The Tin Shed

Fashion, Branding

This new e-zine for outdoor clothing manufacturer, Patagonia, is loaded with audio, video and written-word dispatches from around the world.

It’s a platform for a new type of storytelling (Patagonia catalogs are known for field reports and environmental essays) a long-time lynchpin of the brand. It’s also a rich multimedia offering with an interface based on an authentic photographic representation of the interior of the one-room shed, where the beginnings of the company were formed, as it exists today—with a custom filter to create its grainy, blown-out aesthetic.

The concept behind the interface was to give visitors the sense of being in the same environment as the founding members of the company. It’s an immersive environment with transitions that attempt to create the effect of standing in the middle of the room, and turning to face each wall. Complete with motion blurs, rotating story preview panels hint at walking up to something to take a closer look.

• The Tin Shed took eight weeks from concept to completion. In retrospect, the developer realizes that twice that time would have been more realistic. More than 20 people contributed to the effort.

• The site is named after the shack that was once home to the whole company—when Patagonia consisted of a small band of friends who made great climbing gear.