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Providence College Vantage Points

Education, Consumer

The educational philosophy of Providence College in Rhode Island is that the best way to learn is to approach subjects from multiple perspectives. To communicate that core value to prospective students, the college worked with branding agency 160over90 to produce Vantage Points, a new, video-based admissions microsite that shows the college from diverse points of view. The site introduces the school through the eyes of students, like Wilder, captain of the soccer team, who has learned to balance academics, athletics and community activism, as well as alumni like Doris, an ESPN basketball announcer who reflects on how her well-rounded liberal arts education prepared her for any career.

Prospective students will be coming to the site at different points in their decision-making process—some will have identified Providence as one of their top choices and will be exploring deep into the site, while others may be early in their search and looking for more of an overview. With this in mind, 160over90 built in two navigation options: “Explore” advances the viewer through six pages, each anchored by a video and rounded out by related images and statistics, and “Stories” is a shortcut that introduces all six videos on a single page so users can simply click and play. The site features both closed captioning and audio descriptions to accommodate all viewing audiences, and it’s also kind to those who are pressed for time—the site uses Amazon Web Services cloud computing to deliver the video assets, so the whole site can be downloaded in just two seconds.