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Sherman's March

History, Public Service

This online counterpart to the History Channel's Sherman's March to the Sea is based on three of Sherman's campaigns: The Burning of Atlanta, The March to Savannah and The Campaign of The Carolinas. Never intended as a moment-by-moment account of the campaign, this site instead offers a interesting overview of the topic and a deliberately simplified interface. Launched in time to function in a promotional capacity, the site's primary purpose was to be an educational resource after the show had stopped airing.

• Since the heart of the site is Sherman's three campaigns, a usable and interesting interactive map of the march path is this site's primary asset.

• With a simple color key and pop-up windows that house all additional information, there's a clear and easy path to content.

• This site didn't get bogged down in too many details and instead provided direct links to related content to further explore the subject.