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Once More: The Story of VIN 903847

Automotive, Consumer

In 1955, Paul Loofs bought a Volkswagen Beetle and decided to drive it around the world—not once, but three times. Now, 58 years after its first global voyage, that Beetle is still on the road. Once More, The Story of VIN 903847, a documentary about Loofs’s remarkable travels with the car, premiered on the Discovery Channel and Bravo in January. is an interactive companion site that explores the car’s history. The site integrates the film with hundreds of Loofs’s journal entries, photographs and artifacts through a unique interface that combines the film with an interactive map and timeline, and allows you to switch between different views: when viewed as a film, documents appear as pop-ups; when viewed as a map, relevant locations are highlighted as the video continues to play in the background; and in the timeline view, journal entries and photos can be grouped by day, month or year. Visually, the site design borrows colors, typography and iconography from Loofs’s photographs and documents. The site gives a glimpse into a different era of travel, and a look at the emotional bond formed between a trusty vehicle and its driver.