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Tyler School of Art

Education, Self-Promotion

Bluecadet Interactive spent a year creating this site for Tyler School of Art at Temple University. “We spent a lot of time making sure that the site is compliant with the university’s accessibility guidelines,” says Operations Coordinator Kayla Grove. That meant making all content available to users with visual or physical impairments, so iterative adjustments were made to better serve users who were accessing the site in different ways.

To target each of Tyler’s three separate audiences (prospective students, current students and alumni), Bluecadet created a unique navigation that gives each group its own section of the site, with three rotating, audience-based homepages. As soon as users log on, they access dynamic content relevant to their particular needs.

The site has four levels of navigation and over 2,000 unique pieces of content, including image slideshows, Photosynth panoramas and support for video from YouTube and Vimeo. To keep visitors from getting lost in all that content, Bluecadet integrated what they call “interactive breadcrumbs”: as users navigate deeper into the site, the pages they’ve visited condense into a drop menu, which acts like a trail of crumbs to track their location and lets them jump between pages in the menu.