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Western Massachusetts Scenic Byways

Travel/Tourism, Self-Promotion

This site is the centerpiece of a large effort by government leaders in Western Massachusetts to market the region’s Scenic Byways. The campaign includes road signs, wayfinding, print and digital advertisements, billboards and events. The main content of the site is organized into seven byways and six explorations, all with intertwining stories. Since these scenic routes are relatively unknown to visitors from outside the region, a goal of the project was to give each of the byways a unique identity. Illustrated logos and color-coding identify each byway, a subtle touch on the site that reinforces a consistent identity when seen on road signs, maps and brochures. It was also important that the site have longevity—the content was curated so it could remain live for several years without needing to be updated.

The design features large photographs to showcase the beauty of the region, combined with illustrations by George Courage that suggest nostalgia for the “great American road trip” of the past. “I hope visitors almost lose track of time as they peruse the images and read the text—the same sense you might get as you are driving slowly on the back roads of the region on a relaxing weekend,” says site designer Alex Turnwall.