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webpick of the week

World of SWISS

Travel/Tourism, Consumer

World of Swiss is the new digital home for Swiss International Airlines, designed and developed by Zurich-based studio Hinderling Volkart. It was produced over the course of a year, with about half that time devoted to developing the concept: a 3-D world in which users fly through computer-generated clouds to access content. It is one of the first airline websites to be fully responsive, and features video content produced by LAUSCHSICHT. The site includes user-friendly sections titled Prepare and Fly, which are automatically personalized to provide information that is tailored to each customer’s travel route. An Explore section offers tips from SWISS crew members and details about local hotels, sights, shops and restaurants near the airline’s destinations, which is supplemented by information from Google Places, Foursquare and TripAdvisor. For those simply looking to lose themselves in an exploration of all things SWISS, the site gives the chance to follow a typical working day for a crew member, experience a takeoff and a landing from the perspective of a pilot in the cockpit and learn how the airline’s famous chocolate bars are made.