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I don’t know about you but I'm finding it harder and harder to write. I don’t know what it is. It never used to be this way. Seriously. I used to sit down, start pecking at the keyboard, and in a day or so, blammo, I’d have at least a couple of dozen ideas. Some good. Some not. A pretty cool one every so often. But for some reason, I suddenl...

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Date: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 5:15PM
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Subject: TV & Film Writer/Producer Peter Elkoff

Dear eZine Subscriber,
In the May StoryLink eZine writer/producer Peter Elkoff will answer questions from the StoryLink Community. Elkoff has worked in both film and television in LA for the past fifteen years. His film,
The Education of Charlie Banks, was released last month. He also serves as a writer/producer for ABC’s Ugly Betty. Submit a question in the StoryLink Forum by April 28, and if your question is chosen, receive a The Dialogue: Learning from the Masters DVD from The Writers Store. Post a question today!
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Where was I? Oh, yes, that’s right. I’m having trouble writing. It isn’t me. I’m pretty sure of that. Despite recent attempts by the film and television industries to, as Alec Baldwin puts it, reduce it to cottage cheese-like mush, my brain seems intact.

And it’s not like I’m at a loss for ideas. Good god almighty, no. If anything, I wish sometimes I could turn the damn idea spigot off—especially at two in the morning when I’m trying to chill out with a crappy novel or something. Still, the minute I sit down to write something, I find it hard to focus. I find it difficult to concentr...

@eschenck Ernie-thanks for reading my post and retweeting.
@eschenck Has someone hijacked your blog? I’m getting all kinds of nonsense fed to my reader.
This morning involves some shoots and possibly Mexican food. If not today, definitely on Monday.
10 Top Overlooked Features of Google Maps http://digg.com/d1pXjX
RT@steventylerguy Aerosmith Concert at BOK Center in July. Tickets go on sale to tomorrow. I'm going to pee my pants.

Then again, maybe the reason I’m having such a hard time getting anything done has nothing to do with me and everything to do with RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Flickr, YouTube and Politico, iTunes and Pandora, and don’t even get me started on those awesome TED videos.

It’s mind-popping, all the stuff that’s just waiting inside that T1 line, just chomping at the bit, aching to get inside that head of yours and clutter it up with all kinds of cyber flotsam and jetsam.<

So what am I saying? That you should go work in a shack somewhere outside Bozeman, Montana? That you should, um, I’m sorry, excuse me for a second...

andytoys: Yo.
houdinithinker: Hey.
andytoys: What up?
houdinithinker: I’m working on my CA column.
andytoys: Cool.
houdinithinker: Yeah, well...
andytoys: You sound stressed.
houdinithinker: You think?
andytoys: You should go on vacation.
houdinithinker: I can’t.
andytoys: Why not?
houdinithinker: I’m working on my CA column.
andytoys: Oh.

Hey. Back again. Anyway, the shack in Bozeman. You don’t need to work there to actually get something done. But you do have to control the data flood. As Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing editor and novelist, puts it, "Every now and again, when I see a new Web site, game or service, I sense the tug of an attention black hole; a time sink that is just waiting to fill my every discretionary moment with distraction."

Nancy Reagan once told us to just say no to drugs. And while I’m not at all sure the first lady’s advice did a lick of good, I do know that saying no to distractions is something we’re all going to need to...

Pick up a loaf of bread on the way home?
Sure, honey.
Love you, too. 

Ernie Schenck (ernieschenckcreative.prosite.com) is a freelance writer, a creative director and a regular contributor to CA’s Advertising column. An Emmy finalist, three-time Kelley nominee and a perennial award winner—the One Show, Clios, D&AD, Emmys and Cannes—Schenck worked on campaigns for some of the most prestigious brands in the world in his roles at Hill Holliday/Boston, Leonard Monahan Saabye and Pagano Schenck & Kay. He lives with his wife and daughter in Jamestown, Rhode Island.

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