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Whether you’re hoping to attract new customers, inject some newness into your look, or maintain your market position, a brand refresh may be in order. But rebranding your business goes way beyond a shiny new logo or an eye-grabbing color scheme.

See, every brand has a story. And like most successful brands, their stories are communicated through focusing on what they offer, cultivating a strong company culture and brand identity, and establishing a unique position within their industry. So while a dashing new logo and website might be the first step in engaging with new audiences and markets, the true magic lies in the stories that influenced the design.

Here are some pro tips to help you make your rebrand a success:

How can you tell how you’ve improved if you don’t know where you are to begin with? Conducting a brand audit might be easier—and more fun—than you think. Start off by determining where your brand lives in your industry and how far it reaches. From there, look to see how your brand is used and identify some areas where you are falling behind. Don’t worry, we all have room to grow, and the results in your research may surprise you. But it’s always a good thing to adjust your brand to reach your full potential.

While there’s no arguing your internal teams know your brand best, outside design resources can help in a big way. For one, design resources will be able to work on the rebranding project during normal business hours—because we all know how creative teams can get busy with day-to-day demands. These resources can also help give you a fresh perspective about your brand, which is essential to any rebranding project. This can come from industry expertise or cross-departmental research within your company to gauge how your employees perceive interpret your brand’s message. It’s easy to get tunnel-vision with your brand, so these resources can help identify the areas improvement necessary to make your rebranding a success.

Consider what each element of the rebranding says about your brand’s story—from the color palette to iconography to brand voice. Are you a brand with a loud voice? Maybe bright colors would be a good fit. Did you launch a complex product with different features? Maybe a visual language of icons can help simplify your offering into something quick and easy to grasp. If you are a customer-facing brand, look closely to see if there are ways to incorporate those customers in your branding. Highlighting customer success stories will make it clear to new customers that your brand is here to help. Whatever you decide on, these elements should remain consistent throughout all of your internal and customer-facing materials.

Before you go live with your new brand, make sure your employees are on board with the new message and the story behind it. This can be done by building anticipation within the company to keep your employees aware of upcoming changes. Any chance to create excitement is a great opportunity for your employees to feel a part of the new direction. Hosting brand workshops is another great way to bolster your brand through employee engagement. This will offer the opportunity for your people to ask questions and contribute to delivering the new brand story.

Whatever your reasons for rebranding may be, a refresh is a great opportunity to truly get to know what your brand is about. But remember—every brand’s path is different. While there are always challenges along the way, the end result of a brand refresh will not only benefit your business, but make your brand a positive place for everyone to grow. So go forth, look deep, engage with your people, and you will surely become the bright brand you were always destined to be.

If you’re interested in some rebrand success stories and more brand refresh tips, download our new ebook, “Behind the Brand Refresh.” 


MOO is a digital print and design company that combines great design with technology to help businesses, big and small, look their best. Launched in 2006, MOO combines the values of professional design with accessibility and reach of the web: making great design available to everyone, everywhere. MOO focuses on helping its customers create, share or promote their professional identity and has subsequently become one of the fastest-growing print businesses in the world, with over a million businesses served in more than 190 countries in the last year alone. For more information visit moo.com and follow MOO on Twitter @MOO and Facebook at MOO.

Alex Maddalena is a content editor at MOO, a global online print and design company.

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