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Odilon Frazão (M.A., photography, 2022)
Project: Due to Suadade
Website: www.odilonfrazao.com

Odilon Frazão is photographer, world explorer, and international relations specialist who senior thesis project included a studio exhibition of his work.

Odilon Frazão: “Saudade is a word that is deeply linked to the Luso-Brazilian culture and soul. People from Portuguese-speaking countries use saudade to express feelings that mix longing, melancholy, yearning, loneliness, love, temporal or spatial distance, and permanent loss. These feelings arise due to the absence of a person, a place, a thing, or a moment in time. Due to Saudade is a personal photographic response to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. This photographic body of work reflects a minimalist portrait of fragmented remembrances of these socially distanced times and examines the influences of photography on saudade and vice-versa. Set in a dystopian environment of an empty city, the images present lonely characters on a solitary quest to fill the void of their saudade feelings and achieve happiness. This project challenges the visual representation of emotion and discusses the relationship between photography, memory, and saudade.”

Disha Gupta (B.F.A., photography, 2022)
Project: Anoushka
Website: www.dishaphoto.myportfolio.com

Disha Gupta is a documentary photographer from New Delhi who also earned a minor in writing at SCAD Atlanta. She is passionate about exploring the intersection between culture, identity, feminism, and representation.

Disha Gupta: “As a documentary photographer, I create narratives with every picture I take. With Anoushka, I merged storytelling with fashion by initiating a dialogue that reclaims the narrative on South Asian culture. This series is centered around the concept of a sari (the Indian traditional women's garment) and how the sari is a part of a woman's identity. The focus of the series extends to the drapery of the sari, the traditional bridal makeup an Indian woman adorns, and how that highlights her beauty, in both happiness and dismay. I believe a woman projects authenticity with an elegantly draped sari. I want to showcase that through this convergence of narration and fashion. The sari has been an integral part of my identity as an Indian woman.”

Ying Chen (M.F.A., photography, 2022)
Project: There is an ocean in my glass
Website: https://dcchico.github.io/yingchen

Ying Chen was born in Tokyo to Chinese parents, and attended SCAD Atlanta. Since 2018, her focus has been on photo collages. Chen aims to convey her state of mind in deconstructed yet cohesive pictures.

Ying Chen: “I have a reoccurring dream: scenery consisting of cloud-filled sky, fields of grass, and a body of water. In this foggy, colorful dream, the sky is cloudy yet everything is brightly lit. I wanted to capture in photos how small flower cuttings can inspire and trigger those dreamt memories of landscapes. By composing nature figures into a photo, I represent how flower cuttings can channel those dreamscapes. Stitch-like lines were added to make the viewer wonder if what they are seeing is paper collage. I hope to replicate dream-like feelings by making viewers question what they see.”

Kendra Frankle (B.F.A., photography, 2022)
Project: What Feels Like Home
Website: www.kendrafrankle.com

Kendra Frankle is a photographer from Portland Oregon, currently based in Los Angeles, California. What Feels Like Home was her immersive gallery show showcasing images printed on inkjet paper as well as images printed on polyester satin fabric.

Kendra Frankle: “All the images were shot on large format 4x5 film, often using strobe lighting. [I aimed to achieve] a feeling of softness and warmth, as if being embraced in a long hug by a safe friend. Oversized shirts, chunky sneakers, dry, warm air, and denim. Friends that make me feel loved. People who are willing to rise with me, who accept me; people who have become family. A familiar feeling that cannot help but make me smile or tear up, with the flooding of happy memories. A shell of safety that has surrounded me all my life, a shell I used to view as something bad, but now keeps me safe. Inspired by nostalgia and safety, the gallery included items and aspects from childhood such as grass, in order to have the viewer feel immersed in my world.”

Changran Du (M.F.A., graphic design, 2022)
Project: She
Website: https://duchangran.myportfolio.com/work

International Design Award winner Changran Du enjoys has previously researched visual communication theories from 1900 to the present. For her thesis project she went deeper.

Changran Du: “My senior project was to design a book about the religion of India. The reason for the use of the title She is that the people of India regard religious belief as their mother, and have done so for thousands of years. The book expresses the Indian culture of belief in an abstract way and interprets it in a beautiful expression of artistic conception. The book is divided into five chapters: the three main gods of India, the Baba, the religious link life, and the poem ‘Gitanjali’ by Rabindranath Tragore. Through the study of various aspects of Indian faith and culture, the three main gods of India form a comprehensive outline of the book. The culture of India’s faith is illustrated in a traditional and modern way. I am committed to making designs from my heart, using design to help people in need. I believe that design can move people.”

Raniah Al-Obaidi (B.F.A., graphic design, 2022)
Website: https://raniahalobaidi.com/

Raniah Al-Obaidi is originally from the Middle East, where she taught herself how to use Photoshop at age 10. She studied graphic design at SCAD Atlanta.

Raniah Al-Obaidi: “Living in America as a foreigner and an immigrant, I want to use my creative voice to share awareness on important topics. I decided to create an awareness campaign about human trafficking called Not For Sale. I conducted my research, while intending my design to provide information and share insights. The hands reaching out of the barcode indicates that the victims are NOT FOR SALE. The design is then followed by human trafficking statistics shown as percentages. It also includes contact information for a hotline for help. My intent with NOT FOR SALE was to showcase awareness in an eye-catching way without overwhelming the viewer.”

Moira Ward (B.F.A., advertising, 2022)
Project: Afterpay Christmas activation
Website: www.wantmoirathat.com

North Carolina native Moira Ward is currently with BCW Global as a Jr. Art Director intern. Her senior thesis project, focused on financial technology, was created with fellow SCAD students Caroline Hoffman and Sydney Schacht.

Moira Caitlin Ward: “The objective was to increase the use of the Afterpay App during the holiday season. Our strategy was to convince middle-class parents of young children that they can fully immerse themselves in the Christmas Spirit because they can pay off all of the holiday magic in six weeks with no interest. We created four ad spots, including Alexa with Santa, Tiktok Live with Santa, a Spotify audio spot, and an Afterpay Advent calendar. Our taglines were: ‘Shop now. Pay over six weeks. Never pay interest.’ and ‘Gift now. Pay later.’”

Lili Dale (B.A., advertising, 2022)
Project: Helmut Lang campaign
Website: www.lilidale.com 

Lili Dale is a self-styled “strutegist” with a combined passion for strategy and art direction. Her work focuses on keeping brands up-to-date on culture in order to leverage their competitive value.

Lili Dale: “Helmut Lang has always been at the forefront of disruption. Their clothing is deemed the uniform of the creative class, with unique and elevated basics that make day-to-day dressing a radical proposition. The brand’s values are rooted in utility, civility, and deviance. Helmut Lang needs to practice what they preach and validate their consumer’s mindset of wearing clothes that make a statement. The deliverables for this campaign include: Instagram takeover and sponsored posts, OOH, TikTok, Anti-NFT NFT, Gifted Product, and AR Filter. The campaign’s aim is to make Helmut Lang stand out in this rapidly changing world where it feels easy to lose control over your core values.”


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