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It would be nice if ideas just came to us whenever we needed them.

POOF! Here’s a cool concept.

It would also be nice if when that concept was approved, the artist were just handed to us.

BAM! Here’s your artist, ready to bring that concept to life.

Unfortunately, we have to work hard to come up with concepts. And sometimes, searching for artists isn’t as easy as it could be.

Unless you reach for Workbook.

The iconic Workbook Photography and Illustration print editions are found in ad agencies, design studios and more as the go-to source book for the aforementioned creative disciplines. The pages are filled with innovative campaigns and inspiring imagery that made people say, “I want to do something like that!” and “I want to work with that person!”

For more than four decades, Workbook provides easy access to talented artists who could bring a concept to life. Spread after spread, page after page, it’s loaded with photographers and illustrators that are some of the best in the business, if not legends in their fields.

Over the years, creative needs grew along with the creative tools at hand. Which begat workbook.com. It’s a robust website that grew and grew during those years. It now features more than 800 commercial artist portfolios, plus blogs for up-to-date news, and podcasts to try to explain what the heck is going on in the creative world. The site was reimagined in 2020 to make it even easier to use and become more of a creative hub and resource.

But now it seems like another shift is upon the creative industry. Time is more valuable because there seems to be far less of it, but somehow creatives are asked to do more. It’s great to have the book on a desk. It’s cool to click through such creative portfolios. Now decisions have to be made faster. Searches have to be done even quicker. But we still need to totally “get” the artist we’re looking at.

That’s where Workbook DXE comes in.

Workbook Digital Experience Edition is another tool from Workbook to help creative decision makers in their search for the right artist for their projects. It’s an all-new way to see all-new work from the impressive roster of Workbook artists. The pages look like an artist’s spread, but the comparison to the print book ends right then and there. There is depth, with images on top of images. They move. They turn. And that turns the DXE into something completely different.

It’s not a format and it’s not a template. Every artist has brought their own creativity to the process. The DXE is a great look into their sensibilities. It’s pretty much the next best thing to meeting them in person. Unless they’re the kind of artist that brings homemade chocolate chip cookies to a meeting. Then it’s not even close. On the other hand, try searching through the DXE while eating a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie. Or two. That is a true sensory experience.

We all know everyone wants to work with award-winning people. The DXE roster features some of the best in the business. They’re pro’s pros. Just to name a few on the illustration side, there’s TIME magazine cover artist, Jason Seiler. Hall of Famer scratch board artist, Mark Summers. Multiple Gold Medalist Bill Mayer. New Yorker cover artist and Forbes 30 Under (Art and Style) honoree Victo Ngai. Brian Stauffer, multiple award winner and cover artist for Lürzer’s Archive 200 Best Illustrators Annual. Communication Arts award winner Dan Bransfield. And there are plenty more where they came from.

When it comes to photographers, the DXE has that covered too. Communication Arts 2021 Photography Annual featured Workbook DXE artists Jeff Sciortino, The Voorhes, Kremer Johnson, Andrew Kornylak, Paul Aresu, Cris Crissman, Tracy+David, David Bulter, Cade Martin, Patrick Molnar, Michael Kunde, Tim Tadder, Suzanne Clements, Fernando Decillis, Dennis Welsh, and Sean Alonzo Harris.

Workbook Photographers also made an excellent showing in Lürzer’s Archive 200. Nick Hall, Dana Hursey, Anthony Nex, Stewart Cohen, Jason Elias, Jim Hughes, Andy Goodwin, Tim Tadder, Paul Ares, Markku Lahdesmaki, and Per Breiehagan were all selected.

They’ve all embraced the DXE as another way to show their work. It’s an amuse-bouche, a free sample of what is possible. If you need the full-course meal every illustrator and photographer still has his or her personal websites for the classics or their most personal work. But if time is of the essence and you need to look at a lot of amazing work in a short amount of time, the DXE is your key to unlock a visual feast.

Now remember that special moment when a creative project gets approved and it’s time to find the perfect artist to bring it to life. Workbook has always been about being the next step in making connections and many times, long-term partnerships, in the creative world.

Now Workbook DXE takes the next step to the next level. The first three months of the DXE have gone by in what seems to be a flash. It feels like it was just launched yesterday, but here it is, 100 days and over 70,000 views later. So if you weren’t part of the first 70,000 views, that’s okay, because a new wave of new work just rolled in.

So go ahead and take a look, because the search for artists just got even more exciting. And Workbook DXE is the next chapter in that search. Go to dxe.workbook.com and experience it for yourself. ca

Workbook is the leading creative resource for photography and illustration portfolios, cutting edge marketing tools, and industry contacts.


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