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Creative fuel: Music. Having great songs on in the background makes the workday fly by a lot quicker. I always find inspiration in the breadth of expression that musicians continue to uncover every day. At Deutsch, we’ve even created a collaborative playlist that we play in the office.

Inspiring reads: I’ve been finishing up Chuck Klosterman X: A Highly Specific, Defiantly Incomplete History of the Early 21st Century, by Chuck Klosterman, and also Basketball (and Other Things): A Collection of Questions Asked, Answered, Illustrated, by Shea Serrano. I find both of these writers inspiring because of their ability to write about topics they absolutely love from a perspective that may not have been explored before.

Amazing campaign: I’m still high on the Emerald Nuts Yes Good campaign from 2017, where Barton F. Graf took inspiration from real customer reviews. The insight is incredible—knowing how many clients have been pining for user-generated content in recent years. And when the consumers actually love your product, it’s awesome to let them do some of your job for you. 

Fresh resource: I’m digging Muse by Clio, a new content platform led by former Adweek editor Tim Nudd. It’s full of thoughtful, newsy features that take you inside the world of advertising.

Healthy habits: I’m a big believer in moving every day. I practice yoga four to five days a week, and I find that a sweaty session on my Peloton bike instantly clears my head. I also love a good walking meeting and try to take one to two meetings a day walking through the streets of Portland.

Powerful network: I recently attended a workshop—led by Caroline Whaley and Anna Baréz-Brown, the cofounders of Shine for Women—that helped senior-level women leaders plan their careers. I now network with these women and see them committed to their careers and advancing in them.

Clever ad: Sömnig, “the sleepiest print ad ever made,” for IKEA’s line of mattresses and beds. It came on the back cover of the United Arab Emirates magazine good. Printed with lavender-infused ink, it also converts into a white noise machine to help you sleep. 

Underappreciated creative tool: The off button is by far the most underappreciated tool in the creative community. Actually, this is pretty much true for every community.

Wider perspective: I was telling my neighbor Doug about how we won a few Cannes Lions and what that means in our industry. His response was awesome: “Jay, I hate to tell you this… but nobody gives a single shit about advertising except apparently the people making it. Enjoy your trophy.”

Guilty pleasure: Jack in the Box tacos. Best thing ever. When my wife and my daughter are out of town, I bring home some tacos, load them up with their delicious hot sauce, and then dispose of them outside, at the bottom of the trash can. The lack of smell hides my guilt.

Mind-blowing work: Fearless Girl. It’s a message from a company with a point of view. Statues aren’t supposed to be advertising mediums. Regardless, it still blows my mind and makes my eyes water when I think about my own fearless girl, Sadie. 

Stress reliever: I’m a tennis player. When a tennis ball comes toward me, I take my Roger Federer Pro Staff racket, visualize a face or an issue, and knock the hell out of it. 

Eye-opening book: The Plot to Hack America: How Putin’s Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Election, by Malcolm Nance. This “woke” me to how incredibly powerful strategic messaging is and how critical a role messaging plays in the daily lives of people. 

Dream collaborator: I’m blessed to have begun my career working with Leo Burnett, although I wish I could have worked more intimately with him. He was a brilliant creative and seemed to love what he did. Every campaign that came out of his agency stands as the symbol of excellence. 

Priceless help: My assistants read the 1,000 emails that come in every damn day and give me accurate reports on what I need to absorb in order to keep us moving forward. Emails—the worst creation since Facebook.

Valuable platform: People underestimate the power of LinkedIn. The platform constantly introduces you to like-minded people you would have never met before, but who are now linked to you in some way. I approach these people through LinkedIn as if they were standing next to me at a networking event, and I probably have a 75 percent success rate in setting up coffee meetings with them to discuss their businesses.

Enlightening volume: Ibiza Bohemia, produced by Renu Kashyap and written by Maya Boyd. During the ’60s, the island of Ibiza was a safe harbor for all types of artists, where culture, natural light and the landscape served as muses. I visited Ibiza this past June with my family. 

Emerging talent: Our amazingly talented copywriter Johnny Crowder. He is also the lead singer for the band Prison and has just launched a company called Cope Notes, which supports people suffering from depression and other mental health issues.

End-of-day reward: My dog, Duke. He lies at my feet like I am the only thing that matters.


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