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Classic accessory: A beautiful, complicated, old-fashioned Swiss watch like Rolex, which is good at safeguarding its own traditions and values. The brand has mastered modern marketing and communication techniques to make it more desired than ever. And most importantly, Rolex watches are aesthetically perfect, with supremely well-crafted movement, while being relentlessly attentive to detail.

Product ideas: CES, the annual trade show in Las Vegas, is a gold mine for white-label tech ideas. If you link the right dots, there are a multitude of brands that are a perfect match for every idea.

Mind-blowing work: The Nike brand communication over the past two years, which has been handled by Wieden+Kennedy, has been extremely relevant, authentic, engaged and effective.

Dream team: I’ve always wanted to be part of a dream team. In this team, you would have the likes of John Hegarty as a creative director, David Ogilvy as a writer, Marcello Serpa as an art director and Stephen King as a planner, with all of them sitting at Pixar’s headquarters in California. 

End-of-day reward: Talking to and playing with Marco, my two-and-a-half-year-old son.

Promising tool: Our gut. We’ve forgotten to listen to our instincts in our pursuit to be innovative while being distracted by many media channels, gadgets, data and all things executional. The creative process is never linear, and it’s our instincts that will take it to places that are unexpected but relevantly magical.

Creative solution: VMLY&R’s The Last Ever Issue for porn magazine Your Weekend. I love ideas that have a real, tangible impact rather than just communicating a problem.

Guilty pleasure: Blanking out in front of television programs like MasterChef Australia and travel-related shows. I used to blank out in front of E!, but recently it was made unavailable in our cable package.

Lasting footprint: The Fearless Girl statue. It is my constant reminder that what we do can make an impact that extends beyond a few months. Besides being a great solution for the brief that was given, it has become an icon that reminds me to be braver. I am sure many other girls in the world feel the same way.

Workday necessities: A cup of tea and a fountain pen. I still write the most important things down before going to my laptop. Also, making tea clears my mind, warms my hands, and gives me an excuse to get up and move.

Engaging novels: Sofía Segovia’s The Murmur of Bees and Jeanine Cummins’s American Dirt.

Creative fuel: I like to take a walk and listen to music or podcasts like The Broad Experience, The Moth, The New Yorker: Fiction and Selected Shorts, and just about everything on NPR. I find inspiration in movement. Then, once I get back, I turn to the many art and photography books I own.

Trendsetters: Gen Z at the moment. Millennials and Gen Z have a set of values that are based on being raised in a world that has always had social media. I’ve even started talking about “creative ID,” which is a curated expression of creativity for the purpose of securing brand sponsorship or becoming the brand, versus “creative core,” which is where everyone has a core identity that is based upon personal exploration, experience and belief.

Nurturing culture: We like to invest in culture and in moments where the creative team is chatting together and exchanging tips, even during the quarantine. We also have a radio station called rádio beepop that plays music and interviews 24 hours a day.

Inspirational reads: Maya Angelou’s poems. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s book Purple Hibiscus. Shaun Usher’s compilation Letters of Note.

Monthly reset: I’m from a city on the northeast coast of Brazil, and I’ve lived in São Paulo, an urban city, for more than 20 years. So, I go to the beach at least one weekend a month.

Moving projects: Droga5’s short film for Facebook, “Never Lost,” which features Kae Tempest’s poem “People’s Faces,” made me cry. David Miami, Publicis and Ingo’s Moldy Whopper campaign for Burger King made me jealous. Goodby Silverstein & Partners’ Super Bowl spot “Can’t Touch This” for Cheetos made me laugh.

Dream collaborators: I’d love to work with Bozoma Saint John—she’s a strong woman. Netflix is also a brave client I’d love to collaborate with. And if I could meet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, that would be wonderful. I saw her at the 2019 South by Southwest Film Festival, and she was inspiring.

Go-to planning tools: Everything either gets written on the pages of my Moleskine notebook or added to one of a stack of index cards I keep next to my laptop. I’ve tried other apps, like Evernote and Trello, but in the end, I prefer my old-fashioned Moleskine.

Insightful: The book Rebel Ideas by Matthew Syed, which focuses on the concept of “cognitive diversity” and speaks to the importance of diversity in thinking.

Marketing to watch: Almost anything from Burger King under the direction of global chief marketing officer Fernando Machado. He believes in creativity and uses it as his competitive advantage, which is clearly on display in unconventional campaigns including Meltdown, Moldy Whopper, Traffic Jam Whopper and Whopper Detour.

Bottling memories: I have a pretty solid collection of more than 100 different bottles of hard-to-find bourbon and rye whiskeys. I have to find them “in the wild,” so every trip out of town includes visits to liquor stores and conversations with the store owners. Just about every bottle I have has a great story behind it.


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