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Career investment: Following the WebGL trend and experimenting with new technologies, such as WebVR and WebAR. 

Latest tech: The developers at Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari are doing a great job, and they offer a ton of new resources for web developers. I suggest downloading Chrome Canary, an experimental version of Google Chrome, and visiting developers.google.com/web/updates/ to keep up to date on what’s new.

Stress reliever: I like to think about space and the fact that we are on a planet that is spinning around our sun at 67,000 miles per hour; our planet is part of a galaxy that is part of a super-cluster of galaxies. That makes everything in our daily lives seem pretty boring and useless.

Dream collaborators: SpaceX and NASA. There’s still so much design work that needs to be done for space exploration. For example, how do you implement a design system that works in space? What should the user experience in a spacecraft be like? There’s so much room to grow when it comes to designing for our daily lives in space.

Efficiency booster: Music. When I really need to grind on a deadline, music and noise-canceling headphones help me focus on the task at hand. It’s like a performance-enhancing drug. If you don’t believe me, check out the book This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession, by Daniel Levitin.

Smart assistant: I’m a total Google fangirl. I love my Pixel in Really Blue, and I rely on intelligent personal assistant Google Now for a lot of my news. I just tell it what I’m interested in, and it serves me a constant stream of relevant articles from a variety of sources.

Promising tool: Screen-design tool InVision Studio and the promise of real-time collaboration sound absolutely dreamy to me. Designing digital products and services requires so many analog processes for staying organized. If it’s not done with care, it’s madness.

Ideal partners: I want to work with anyone who is different from me and can bring a fresh perspective. Diversity of race, gender, age, background, sexuality, skill set and worldview make for better work, and it’s especially important for designers to create work that’s inclusive.

Better than caffeine: Winning prizes. In addition to making me feel proud of my hard work, prizes from the FWA, the CSS Design Awards and the Webby Awards offer me a lot of visibility—the majority of my clients come from those platforms.

Publicity engine: Awwwards.com. After winning a Site of the Day award, I received 10,000 visitors on my site—in just one day.

Reel inspiration: I’m in love with main title sequences. The latest reel for Prodigal Pictures, title designer Danny Yount’s studio, is the most recent piece that inspired me.

Emerging talents: Designers: Anthony Goodwin, Benjamin Guedj, Rolf Jensen, Jenny Johannesson, Ben Mingo and Brijan Powell. Developers: Baptiste Briel, Florian Morel, Julien Renau and Jean-Christophe Suzanne. Agencies: Active Theory, Immersive Garden, Ueno and Watson/DG.

Organizational system: My folder system for saving and storing all my files. I take time to set up a folder structure at the beginning of each project and mirror it in Google Drive and Evernote.

Pipelines for new business: We mainly use Twitter and Instagram to showcase our company, and some work does come through those platforms. But our main sources for new business are word of mouth and the conceptual work that we publish through channels such as Fast Company and Medium.

News curator: I have a highly curated Twitter feed that provides me with a diverse view into not only the latest tech, but also a variety of other domains, like science, writing and product design.

Inspiring read: The books that stood out the most have been research professor Brené Brown’s. She writes about empathy, vulnerability, courage and how to live a wholehearted life. I’m currently reading Rising Strong, which tackles how to come back once you’ve fallen. It’s applicable to my career and job as much as my personal life.

Worthy splurge: Good notebooks, like the Moleskine Classic Soft Cover—specifically the extralarge version with blank pages. Life’s too short—and your ideas are too good—for bad notebooks.

Game changer: Automation across various levels, from the repetitive tasks we do in our own design work to those done by the people using our products and services. Automation will shift the role of user experience in the future. So much of our work is still about making tasks easier, but what if we can eliminate them altogether? I’m excited to see what automation allows us to focus on next.

Creative fuel: Screenshots and photos. I’m constantly saving pictures of great design examples—or even photos of physical systems we have to navigate—on my phone and laptop. It can be anything, from a just-intrusive-enough notification to a clever tooltip that guides me to create a password.


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