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It was only 25 years ago that a few pioneering creatives struggled with crude technology to deliver the first interactive experiences. Today, interactive media has revolutionized visual communications by becoming an integral component of our society with increasing influence over commerce and culture. We’ve captured just a small portion of this medium’s exciting evolution on the following pages, with a selection of work from our past Interactive Annuals and insightful comments from some of our previous jurors.

Left: Wired News, 1994. Wired Digital, multimedia production company. Right: VizAbility, 1995. MetaDesign, multimedia production company.


“What do I think is going to happen to interactive media? We’re going to go online. The CD is going to go the way of the floppy disk.” —Paul Souza, 1995


Left: Leonardo da Vinci, 1997. Corbis Corporation, multimedia production company/client. Right: Discovery Channel Online, 1995. Jessica Helfand Studio, design firm.


“I see the internet as a social movement more than anything else. To think that the way the web is now is the way it will always be is just crazy.” —Auriea Harvey, 1999


Left: The Star-Spangled Banner, 2000. Hello Design, site design and development. Right: Visual Thesaurus 2.0, 2003. Plumb Design, site design and development.


“What you’re going to see is the struggle to figure out how you make money and how you create a balance so it doesn’t interfere with the experience.” —Barbara Kuhr, 2000


Subservient Chicken, 2004. Crispin Porter + Bogusky/The Barbarian Group, project design and development.


“I can envision people with wireless devices that give them incredible access to information in the environments that surround them—that keep them connected and untethered to their plugged-in workstations.” —Guthrie Dolin, 2001


Digital Depot, 2004. Kossmann.dejong/LUST, project design and development.
102 Minutes: Inside the Towers, 2005. NYTimes.com, site design and development.


“The page metaphor is dead, and people are finally understanding what to do now that we don’t have pages.” —Liz Danzico, 2008


Lexus IS Hologram, 2006. Team One, project design and development.


“I know what the future won’t be, and that’s a flat panel screen on my refrigerator that’s connected to the web, that kind of nonsense.” —Jeffrey Veen, 2005


Left: Philips Bodygroom, 2007. Struck/Tribal DDB, project design and development. Right: HBO Voyeur, 2008. Big Spaceship, project design and development.
Left: Bear 71, 2013. Jam3, project design and development. Right: Hard Rock Cafe RockWall, 2010. Obscura Digital, project design and development.


“Augmented reality is really neat, touchscreens are a lot of fun, interactive storefronts are compelling stuff. But you need to have a fundamental reason to be doing it in the first place.” —Rachel Pasqua, 2010


Slavery Footprint, 2012. Unit9, project design and development.


“It will be interesting to see how online privacy affects the future of social networking and how people respond to their data being owned and exposed by social networks.” —Dustin Callif, 2014


Hello, Again, 2015. Hudson Rouge, project design and development.
Fall in Love VR, 2018. Moth + Flame/Oculus/Q Department/Tool of North America, project design and development.


“Similar to what happened to mobile when the smartphone emerged, everything will change when wearable tech can do more than just one thing well.” —Winston Binch, 2015


The Field Trip to Mars, 2017. McCann New York, project design and development.


“Going forward, I think much of ‘design’ will come in the form of interaction, whether we’re talking to Siri or Alexa, streaming media on our smart TVs, or controlling the consoles in our cars.” —Libby Bawcombe, 2017


Left: Legislative Explorer, 2015. Schema Design, LLC, project design and development. Right: Google Spotlight Stories “HELP,” 2016. Bullitt/Google ATAP/The Mill, project design and development.

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