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Duration: Three years.

Location: Paris, France.

Education: After I received my baccalauréat, I attended the École cantonale d’art de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Career path: At first, I wanted to be a photojournalist. After graduation, I started art school, where I found a more creative way to express myself.

Cultural influences: I’m constantly inspired by paintings and movies; I really like the artists Neo Rauch, Henri Matisse and Frédéric Bazille. The culture of the south of France, where I come from, also recurs in my work.

Don’t overthink, just do—and always in a positive way.”

Favorite project: My diploma project, Plein Soleil, which is about a community of women who like sunbathing in seaside towns marked by colorful Latin architecture. I like this project because I got to work with my mum and her friends. I am not only proud that they introduced me to their sunbathing rituals, but also that I got to incorporate something funny and tender from my hometown.

Work environment: I’m a bit messy. I work on a big table, where I collect sketchbooks. I also make ugly little drawings to help me remember the ideas I come up with during the day, and I save lots of reference images in unclassified folders on my computer. I like to look at these sources to see the evolution of my references and ideas.

Approach: I work with strong sunlight, which is not that easy to do in Paris, and I have a pictorial approach to photography. The picture’s composition, forms and colors are really important in my practice.

Aspirations: To still be working in the south of France and continue doing my personal work, but also to have commissioned work in fashion, photography and the documentary industry.

Philosophy: Don’t overthink, just do—and always in a positive way.

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