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Duration: Five years as a freelancer; ten years working in graphic design overall.

Location: Barcelona, Spain.

Education: Technical in graphic design and visual communications, Aguas de la Cañada, Córdoba, Argentina; diploma in planning, art direction and creative writing, Universidad Siglo XXI, Córdoba, Argentina.

Career path: I always knew that my interests closely aligned with careers related to design and creativity, but I wasn’t initially sure what career I wanted to choose. For one year, I studied architecture, but after a course in software design, I officially started studying graphic design. Later, I rounded out my education by studying creative writing, strategic planning and art direction.

After a couple of years of working in small design studios, I started my career as a freelancer in 2013, and collaborated with Estudio Montevideo and Pablo Dellatorre, two of the most recognized architecture and interior design studios from Córdoba. We worked together to create a lot of brands and new stores in different cities around Argentina, Chile and Belgium.

In 2018, I moved to Barcelona, where I started my small-format studio, composing the ideal team according to the needs of each project. One of the things that influenced my decision was the idea of working on what I liked, from anywhere in the world, with just my computer and Wi-Fi connection. Not only can I work from my current location in Barcelona, but also when I travel to other cities in Spain, France and Argentina.

I like working as a small-format studio so I can always be involved in the creative process and close to the clients.”

Cultural influences: From the beginning, I’ve drawn inspiration from the work of design icons such as David Carson, Stefan Sagmeister and Paula Scher. The era of social networks and full connectivity has enabled me to broaden that examination to the work of small studios, especially those in Europe that have a high level of production in both creative and technical matters. This helps me to nurture my own design practice every day.

But besides looking at the work of other designers and studios, I believe that artistic influences are constructed by different inputs that, in my case, also come from dance—especially flamenco, which I’ve done for many years—art exhibitions, cinema and music.

Work environment: I work in a coworking space a few blocks from Plaça de Catalunya, the famous square in the city center of Barcelona. I love to travel a lot, so sometimes my studio is a bar, an apartment or a nice place with good Wi-Fi in a different city.

Aspirations: In the future, I hope to be doing exactly what I like. I like working out of a small-format studio so I can always be involved in the creative process and close to the clients—maybe even do bigger projects for fewer clients. I’d also like to be collaborating with different teams as an art director.

Philosophy: Say yes to the projects that generate challenges. Comply with the client. And work, work, work!

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