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Duration: Almost ten years overall and four years with Everyday Practice.

Location: Mapo District in Seoul, South Korea.

Education: The three of us—Joonho Kwon, Kyung-chul Kim and Eojin Kim—all went to Chung-Ang University, in Seoul, South Korea. Joonho Kwon studied at the Royal College of Art, in London, United Kingdom.

Career path: Kyung-chul Kim and Eojin Kim started their careers at a design agency and worked mostly for commercial clients. However, they wanted to work on their own projects, so they started their own studio, called Hand Print, in 2011. At the same time, Joonho Kwon was getting his MA at the Royal College of Art. After a few years, the three of us talked about forming a new studio that would focus on designing for the society we live in. Though there are thousands of quality design practices working for commercial industries, it was not easy to find well-organized designs for our everyday lives. With that in mind, we named our design studio Everyday Practice.

Artistic influences: Joonho Kwon enjoys making things. He collaborated with other art departments in college, such as painting, sculpture and photography. He enjoys applying the collaborative process to graphic design. In South Korea, graphic design is conservative. People think that graphic design should be restricted to print materials generated on the computer. We would like to design something beyond those boundaries.

We believe that if the quantity and quality of our work increases, we can continue growing as designers.”

Favorite projects: The Ways of Practice, a solo exhibition of our self-initiated poster, book, multimedia and web projects we’ve created since the start of Everyday Practice. More people than expected came to the show, and we have received meaningful feedback about the show. It’s our proudest moment because we were able to confirm our firm’s direction through this opportunity.

Work environment: We moved our studio a few months ago. The area in which we were previously located gentrified and became crowed with tourists, so the rent doubled. Our new studio may be located in an old neighborhood in Seoul, but the working conditions are much more comfortable.

Approach: The three of us have different design focuses. Joonho Kwon enjoys creating materials by hand. Eojin Kim enjoys making vector graphics. Kyung-chul Kim’s specialty is multimedia and web design. We work separately, but often collaborate with each other. This process produces unexpected results, which we really enjoy. We think this is what distinguishes our approach from other creative professionals.

Aspirations: In ten years, we would like to continue the projects we are doing now. We want to keep working.

Philosophy: All three of us weren’t students with special talents, but we have been working steadily every day. We believe that if the quantity and quality of our work increases, we can continue growing as designers.

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