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Duration: Three years.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden.

Education: Graduated in December 2016 with a bachelor of fine arts in photography from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California.

Career path: Having always been passionate about image making, I began exploring photography at an early age. I decided to go to school in order to explore my creativity and be in an environment where I could constantly produce work. In university, I discovered my fine art style—what I’m mostly known for—which contains a surreal and melancholic world that explores the inner realms of dreams, psychology and the subconscious.

Artistic influences: Cinema, graphics, my own life experiences, paintings, Scandinavian landscapes, surrealism and traveling. I like to be surrounded by a city that has a lot of nature so I can dive in and get lost in my mind. I also enjoy going to museums, shows and watching independent movies.

It’s important to create what personally interests you as a creator and explore that.”

Favorite projects: Created back in 2014–2016, The Blue Journey was my first big project after a seven-year-long depression that inspired the series. I produced the project with the aim of letting spectators envision themselves as the anonymous solitary subjects portrayed in the blue world. It was all with the goal of shining light on depression and mental health, which are still very hidden in our society. Since then, this project has won awards in prestigious photography competitions, been exhibited in galleries and shows all over the world and used in mental health campaigns. I’m hoping to turn it into a book at some point along with other theme-related work.

Work environment: I recently moved back to Sweden after living and working in America for seven years. My work environment is pretty simple. My commissioned work normally happens on location and then is post-produced behind the screen. If I’m not approached by a client for commissioned work, then I’ll create work in my studio.

Approach: We all have different stories to tell and there’s room for everyone in the art world. It’s important to create what personally interests you as a creator and explore that. My style is heavily inspired by melancholia, surrealism and the northern landscape—themes I have personally experienced and can conceptually portray in a way that speaks to my audience.

Aspirations: I want to be known for my fine art style and larger bodies of work where I challenge my creativity and also be represented by galleries all over the world. I also want to continue creating commissioned work for brands and clients where I can blend my personal style with their visions.

Philosophy: Be myself, create from within and explore the stories I want to tell.

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