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Duration: Six years.

Location: Badalona, Spain.

Education: Certificate of higher education in graphic design, Escola D’Art i Superior de Disseny Pau Gargallo, Badalona, Spain.

Career path: I’ve been drawing since I can remember, copying Disney and reading comic books. As I am not trained in art, I just fed myself on anything I could lay my eyes on. After high school, I studied economics and received a certificate of higher education in graphic design, a field I worked in for more than ten years. I jumped to graphic design because I thought that it would offer me more options in the real world. In 2013, I left my former job as head of marketing in an automotive company to pursue my dream, moved to the United Kingdom and started what I want to be my job forever!

I was born in the beautiful Barcelona but grew up in Badalona, a city just 20 minutes away from it. Badalona was very tiny for me when I was a teenager, but now that I’ve returned, I’m finding the city way calmer and quieter, and am enjoying the birds singing and the crickets at night. I’ve moved too many times, so I look forward to staying put for a while.

Artistic influences: I have many influences and I think they’re easy to see just from looking at my work—Disney, manga, movies, video games, pop art. I spent a lot of time trying to hide what I liked the most, and when I decided to just let it be, my art turned out wonderfully. It’s very relaxing to show yourself just as you are.

Keep working. Keep discovering. Keep questioning yourself.”

Work environment: I’m an absolute mess! Right now, I’m working on a very old iMac from 2009 with a 21” Wacom Cintiq, a tiny USB fan to beat the heat, and lots of empty glasses of iced coffee, ripped papers and Post-it Notes everywhere. I’m lucky that I live close to Barcelona, so lots of exhibitions and art-related stuff are happening constantly. Also, a good majority of my friends share my profession as well, and we trade comic books and have lots of discussions about movies or new things we think we should know. Having these creative surroundings is enriching.

Approach: I’m working on developing my own style—if you want to put it that way—and it makes me extremely proud to see how I’ve improved in a short period of time. I just can’t stop my brain spinning around, and it’s exciting to see clients appreciate that and want to work with me because of what I do. Anything that comes from a free artist has a lot of quality. I’m also working on my first graphic novel—to be published in 2020—which I’m excited about it!

Aspirations: I’d love to create gig posters, an LP cover or work for more editorial clients. I’d love to work on rebellious punk stuff—anything that I could show a bit of darkness on.

Philosophy: Keep working. Keep discovering. Keep questioning yourself. Anything that settles seems to repeat itself, and I just want to keep growing. No need to do it quickly, but I certainly need to fulfill my curiosity.

Anything else: I started my career when I was 28, and I thought it was too late for me. It wasn’t! It is OK to fail sometimes, and it’s OK to take a breath, too. I often jump into my own dark pit and struggle to come out and enjoy my work. Learn to be patient, and exercise! Your back will be grateful for it.

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