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Duration: Two years.

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Education: MA in information design, Design Academy Eindhoven, Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Career path: During my time studying at Design Academy Eindhoven, I became intrigued by the possibility of combining graphic design with theoretical research in other fields. After working for a few years at an agency, I decided to start my own practice and follow my passion for approaching design from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Cultural influences: I draw influence from many fields like fine art, architecture and cinema, but I am especially inspired by the visual language of scientific research, classification systems and diagrammatic schemes. A lot of work is put into arranging information in a direct way, and the result is aesthetically pleasing to me.

Graphic design is a puzzle that needs to be solved, rather than a purely artistic endeavor.”

Favorite projects: On Melting Ground, a multimedia installation addressing an invisible but urgent problem: the melting of permafrost in the Arctic. By re-creating a melting landscape, the installation shows the most recent scientific observations of a permafrost lake in Québec. As long-dormant bacteria awaken with the melting of the frozen ground, huge quantities of greenhouse gases are silently being released. The data is shown through a video using 3-D imagery and graphics projected onto a water pool.

Work environment: Due to the current pandemic situation, I mostly work remotely from my studio in Amsterdam. But thanks to the variety of cultural projects I’m involved in, I collaborate, on a daily basis, with many other designers, producers, curators and editors. This is one of the aspects of my practice that excites me the most.

Approach: My design has a solid research foundation. I like synthesizing complex findings into accessible design solutions. Graphic design is a puzzle that needs to be solved, rather than a purely artistic endeavor. Of course, I enjoy the strive to create art like all designers, but I always look to add meaning to what I create.

Aspirations: To keep working on projects that contribute to creating an intelligent, more aware society, while also nurturing and inspiring collaborations with other creatives in my field.

One of my secret aspirations is to make the role of a graphic designer more visible in our society. The images we make are the result of specific research and cultural references, and they create a set of meanings that often go unquestioned. I hope to make this reflection more visible through my body of work.

Anything else? I would like to stress the importance of creating connections and close relationships within the field of design. I truly believe that the best results are achieved through collaboration and open confrontation. And it makes the journey more fun too.

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