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Duration: Five years as makebardo. Cofounders Bren Imboden and Luis Viale have been working in the design industry since 2006.

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand.

Key creatives: Bren Imboden, cofounder, creative director and design director; and Luis Viale, cofounder and creative director. Imboden received a BFA in graphic design from the University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Viale received a BFA in architecture from the University of Buenos Aires.

Career path: We began our careers as an art installation duo in Barcelona. At the same time, we were working on our own projects, which included graphic, editorial and industrial design. After many comings and goings, trips, experimentations and an eventual relocation to a new continent, we now focus all our energy on makebardo. We specialize in branding and packaging design, but we don’t neglect our curiosity to explore new creative universes.

Cultural influences: We are Latin Americans with a strong European influence because  both of our families migrated from Europe to Argentina due to World War II. Regarding our artistic influences, we share a love for Bauhaus and the Swiss Style.

We must always remain in search of new questions, rather than fixed answers.”

Work environment: We live and work in a tiny house in the mountain town of Queenstown, New Zealand, also known as the “adventure capital of the world.” We love being part of this incredible country and are proud to call it our home. Sometimes, we miss the stimulation of the city, but now we’ve learned to grab inspiration from the stunning nature of our new backyard.

Approach: Versatility is one of our strengths. Curious and sensitive, we are both in a constant search—not only as designers, but also as human beings. We do not stand still, and we believe this attitude is reflected in our work. Ninety-nine percent of the time, our work is made only by the two of us. There is a visual consistency in our projects, and we believe that is rooted in the search for meaningful concepts rather than an amalgamated aesthetic. We appeal to the economy of resources because we think that the fewer elements we put in our designs, the more we know what we want to say.

Aspirations: We would love to return to the in-house exploration as artists. Our dream would be to learn to play music, start a band, and explore that medium which is both strange and amazing to us.

Philosophy: There’s a quote by artist Georges Braque that we heard by way of sculptor José María Cruz Novillo: “I first find, and then I search.” When we both heard it, we immediately identified with the concept.

Anything else? Nothing is absolute. Every answer we’ve given above is in constant flux. Tomorrow, we could rewrite the answers because in the end, nothing remains still. As designers, we have to learn not to cling to beliefs. We must always remain in search of new questions, rather than fixed answers.

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