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Duration: Five years.

Location: Barcelona, Spain.

Education: MA in graphic design, ELISAVA Escola Superior de Disseny i Enginyeria de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain; postgraduate degree in packaging design, Centro Universitario de Diseño BAU, Barcelona, Spain.

Career path: I studied graphic design in university and then began my professional life working and collaborating with studios and agencies in Barcelona. However, I got bored really quickly. I realized that I had nothing special to say in graphic design and felt creatively unfulfilled. It was at that point that I realized I needed to reconnect with my true essence, with that person within who never changes. So, I started to develop my personal style as an illustrator, and I transitioned from being a bored designer to an illustrator full of things to discover, feeling my essence show itself on every project.

Now, I translate my imaginary universe into a visual language for a wide range of industries. I work with music producers and labels, editorial projects, brands, and collaborations with studios and festivals. I create illustrations and design graphics for clients that include fashion brands and tech companies while developing my artistic career simultaneously.

I intend to always play with irony.”

Artistic influences: I get inspiration from everyday life. Of course, I draw inspiration from other artists and movements, but many times I’m inspired by observing the things around me, like a song on the streets, a chair, a random structure or machine, or the interior of a product. Keeping my eyes open and being curious is the key that works for me. Everything can fuel your approach. It’s always there, waiting for you to discover it. Sometimes it is closer than you think!

Favorite projects: The Hermès catalog for the spring/summer 2020 Objects collection, which used the motto “innovation in the making.” I loved that project because it was a big opportunity to mix my style with a fashion brand. After that experience, I received an invitation to create Hermès window displays in Hong Kong and Macau. That was a dream come true and a challenging project, and it was the first time my illustrations felt “real”—made from real materials, in real life and on a big scale.

Also, my website, because it was created by a group of my friends. It’s an interactive experience that invites people to step into my world. We created my own version of a computer operating system with the idea that there are few things in the world that are more personal than your own computer. On the site, users can: explore my files and the trash bin, navigate on the Internet, and even change the background colors—so it’s also personal for users while being a fun experience.

Work environment: Born in Argentina, I chose to develop my career in Barcelona, which I think is an amazingly inspirational city. I work in my studio in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Barcelona’s Old Town district, which is culturally rich and full of hidden gems, corners and places to discover. I’ve lived in the city for more than ten years now, and I keep choosing to stay here because it never ceases to amaze me. Also, it always changes! My studio is close to a street with a few galleries that are great to visit, along with cafés, restaurants and art suppliers of many kinds.

Approach: I intend to always play with irony. On occasion, I interpret my subject matter innocently but with a twist that feels sinister or uncomfortable. I like to break things and represent everyday objects in other ways or with different meanings. I like to play in general; my interest in the illustration depends on my humor or how I feel. Sometimes, I’ll go for a more realistic or figurative way, and other times I prefer a more geometric, abstract aesthetic—or sometimes I combine the two! I always replicate some elements as part of a signal, like my own code.

Aspirations: I would love to work with others, collaborate with more people and hopefully have my own team. Working with people in other disciplines would add value to my vision and help me interpret my work in different ways. I would like to continue working on commercial projects, keeping my style and merging my universe with those brands. Also, I would like to explore new materials and step away from the digital world a bit.

Philosophy: Never stop learning. Always keep being curious. Learn to enjoy the process.

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