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Duration: We operated as a part-time collective up until 2014. For the past four years, we have been a full-time studio.

Location: We have been based in Netil House in London, United Kingdom, right next to London Fields, for the past four years.

Education: The three of us—Daniel Chester, Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits and David Prosser—met during our MA in Animation program at the Royal College of Art in London, where we formed Moth. As our studio has continued to grow, we’ve increasingly represented other universities and courses.

Cultural influences: As we come from varied backgrounds and cultures, we are individually inspired by different forms of art—from sci-fi films and graphic novels to contemporary dance and physical theater to virtual reality games. We share a passion for meaningful and thought-provoking storytelling and drawing—the core of our practice.

You’ve got to love Mondays.”

Favorite projects: One project that comes to mind is ‘The Last Job On Earth,’ mainly due to the way we approached it, which was ambitious considering the project’s scale and incredibly tight schedule. We are also very proud of the Christmas television commercials we made for The Salvation Army. It was our biggest project yet, with a team of 25 extremely talented artists working both in our studio and remotely. This project allowed us to grow in a directorial and a technical way as we embraced new creative challenges and learned about managing a large team under a tight schedule.

Work environment: Our studio is a rectangular-shaped room filled with desks, Macs, Cintiqs, plants, beer, rice crackers, cheese and a full-time team of seven wonderful people. When freelancers join us, we are even happier to share all this with them. As we all come from different continents, there are different languages spoken in the office throughout the day. We like to do things together outside the studio, like Vietnamese Friday lunches, Monday cinema nights, and attending concerts and festivals together. We like to think that our working environment is warm and friendly and that people enjoy working here as much as we enjoy having them around us.

Approach: Our roots in drawing, as well as our choice of work and our curation of our website. We are quite picky about the projects we take on and who we work with.

Aspirations: To have made at least one feature film, a game and a series—and a 60-minute original animation with a live orchestral soundtrack. That would be the dream! We are happy with the range of clients we have at the moment, from nongovernmental organizations and smaller independent companies to bigger social media platforms. This enables us to not only strike a good balance between commercial and indie work, but also grow as a studio.

Philosophy: If you’re not having fun, you are doing something wrong. You’ve got to love Mondays.

Fun fact: We’re very talented at getting people on the dance floor.

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