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Duration: Play turned three years old on January 1, 2019.

Location: San Francisco, CA.

Career path: Play’s genesis is rooted in an array of experiences from all over the world, from operating movie projectors to playing in NCAA championships to doing secretarial work and getting coffees, all the way to creating campaigns and identities for the world’s largest companies. Silent retreats, making almond butter, snowboarding in the Alps and jumping in the ocean with our clothes on are all part of our past and present lives.

Cultural influences: We love looking outside of the design and art world to refuel and to shift our creative perspectives. We go to concerts, hunt down unique memorabilia at antique fairs, surf before the sun comes up and watch cooking shows. The curation, ideation and creation processes are muscles that can be developed anywhere.

People before projects.”

Favorite projects: Original Pattern Brewing Co. because of how incredibly collaborative the company is and how much its bravery contributes to its local and global growth. Moxxly because of what the company is doing for mothers. GRØSS was a passion project for us—partnering with the magazine has been a dream.

Work environment: Living and working in San Francisco is a gift. We’re so grateful to experience the energy of such a global hub for creativity, innovation and wellness. You can see so much just during your morning commute. Our studio is a beautiful and spacious incognito storefront located just north of the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park. Inside, the energy is warm, inspiring and open. We have desks, computers, shelves, books, many plants, fancy coffee and plenty of Original Pattern Brewing Co. beers.

Approach: We have no single or preferred visual style or aesthetic. It is really easy to fall into comfortable, predictable and trendy outputs, but we pride ourselves on developing solutions that are uniquely aligned with whatever ambitions our clients are trying to achieve.

Aspirations: We believe that living and working is an art in itself; how, where and to what scale we realize this is going to be an awesome journey. Whatever happens, we’re committed to making amazing work, working with inspiring people, solving important problems, learning as much as possible and enjoying each moment along the way.

Philosophy: There is no shortcut for doing the work. We are all artists. It can always be fun. Don’t let perfect get in the way of good. People before projects.

Fun fact: We play with ideas. We play the part of problem-solvers. We play because we know it’s the most effective way to get to the best work, which is not only doing what’s never been done before, but also bringing clarity to the role brands play in the world. Yes, that’s grandiose. No, we’re not playing.

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