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Duration: Two years.

Location: Toronto, Canada.

Education: Illustration diploma from Seneca College in Toronto, Canada.

Career path: When I was studying architecture and playing bass in a rock band, I stumbled onto the world of graphic arts while researching ideas for band branding. It was a serious epiphany when I realized that illustration could be a job—I had to dig deeper.

Cultural influences: One of my favorite things is listening to podcasts; right now, I’m into the Tim Ferriss Show. Ferriss’s interviews with world-class performers are unbelievably inspiring. I’ll listen to them as I’m making my illustrations—it’s like I’m collaborating with dozens of brilliant minds. I’m also a sucker for self-improvement and self-discipline books. About half of the knowledge I seek out is art theory, while the other half is self-discipline tactics.

Show up every single day. Incremental steps lead to big changes, so be persistent.”

Favorite project: I just finished my first animation project for the Harvard Business Review! It was my first time animating for a client, so I’m proud of finishing that mammoth undertaking. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal anything about the project yet, but I’m really happy with the result.

Work environment: I like to change up my environment a lot; it’s what keeps the creative juices flowing. I like to get different kinds of energy from a variety of surroundings, whether it’s a coffee shop, a shared space or my own private studio. Sometimes I work with a friend and sometimes I don’t. I’m a creature of habit, and I’m in the habit of changing things up when I need to.

Approach: While my approach is very digitally based—like most illustrators nowadays—I try to incorporate hand-drawn linework in every illustration. There’s something meditative about shutting off all the electronics and approaching an artwork with only a brush and ink.

Aspirations: I see myself exploring the world of animation more seriously in the next five years, be it motion graphics, commercials, virtual reality or even music videos. I’m excited to experiment beyond the static image. In terms of my illustration career, it’d be an absolute dream to have a shot at illustrating a New Yorker cover in the near future.

Philosophy: Show up every single day. Incremental steps lead to big changes, so be persistent.

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