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Duration: I’ve been represented as a freelance artist for three years.

Location: London again! It’s great being back in a place with so much to absorb.

Education: BA from Central Saint Martins, London, United Kingdom, and MA from the Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom.

Career path: I have a constant urge to draw that keeps me going. I enjoy the tactile-ness of drawing something and translating it into expression, opening a conversation about the things I look at and find interesting, pulling out the overlooked or subtle narratives of everyday life, and trying to put together a story in a single image. It’s always been about how I can work out everything else around me so I can still create, rather than the other way round!

Artistic influences: Tech, those sorts of clashy colors and the fuzziness of the ’90s, with the not-perfect flat graphics of old cartoons. I’m drawn to digital drawings, and CAD drawings have been the biggest influence on my style. I love the accuracy and straightness of the lines. I love seeing what else I can bring to my style, and I hope I keep developing.

Stay active. If you’re not running forward, the world still moves forward without you.”

Favorite project: My Posters for Peace animation for Sid Lee. It was the first time I’ve seen my work move and come to life, aside from some GIFs that I jumbled together myself. The animator did an awesome job, and everyone was really cool to work with. Being a longer project, I got to put a lot into the illustrations and direction. It was also for a great cause, so I’m glad I could be part of a move for positive action.

Work environment: I work from home, so my workspace has moved with me around London over the past few years. I’m looking forward to putting roots down in the future and having a workspace for a good while longer. I love working from home, though—it’s kind of symbiotic. I don’t switch off, so being able to sit down and crack on with something whenever I like really works for me. Physically, my workspace is full of plants, books and prints—a nice environment to work in! Culturally, I expose myself to as much as London has to offer, which means venturing outside—there is a lot to immerse myself in!

Approach: My energy towards drawing! I want that energy to be translated through the work I produce. My approach has always been about the treatment of mood, color and space. Hopefully, that, along with my eye for the surreal, distinguishes my work.

Aspirations: I’d like to say that my services will have expanded and that I will be able to take on a wider variety of projects, but as long as I’m still drawing—and comfortably satisfying my urge to be creative—I’ll be happy!

Philosophy: Question whether working this way makes you happy. If it isn’t, what can be done so that you enjoy working again. Stay active. If you’re not running forward, the world still moves forward without you. Effort goes a long way! If you work digitally, experiment with different software. It could be a great way to break away from the cycle and produce interesting work.

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