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Duration: Six months since we’ve started working for clients.

Location: London, United Kingdom.

Education: We both graduated with a BA in graphic design from Central Saint Martins (CSM), London, United Kingdom.

Career path: When we were both at CSM, we were interested in working together, as we always had similar interests and styles. Our practice is split between two paths. The first is a more digital/experimental route, which we pursued through our projects at CSM, like creating a Chrome extension that enables you to see everyone else’s cursor while browsing online, and designing a typeface that is generated through both of our physical locations. Our second path is more visual. We taught ourselves how to use 3-D software by working on side projects while at university, and it has become an important part of our style. We get most of our client work from this side, as opposed to our more experimental stuff, but that’s something we are actively trying to change.

Artistic influences: We have always been interested in the work of Random Studio and Studio Moniker, as they always push what’s possible between the physical and digital. We always want to create new experiences for people.

If it isn’t fun for us to make, it’s probably not fun for someone to see or experience.”

Favorite projects: The poster for Design for Dance, a program of original workshop dance pieces by dance students, was one of the first posters we made when we started working together at school—this was when we spent most of our time on learning how to create 3-D designs. Digital platform Boook.land, our first personal project after university, explores the collaborative efforts of writing a book online. It was something we created very quickly without knowing if people would use, but it’s ended up being one of our most successful projects, with more than 3,500 text and illustration contributions. It has been great to see people engaging with our work and having fun!

Work environment: We work and live in the same space. We work at a big table in our living room. Maybe in the future, we’ll get a proper studio space. But for now, we are fine, so why not save some money.

Approach: We have always been known to create 3-D visuals, but we have a very broad range of skills and interests, like collaborative design, creative coding and experimental design. Our approach has always been about finding a way to create interactive experiences within an engaging visual package. We also try to learn something new for each project.

Aspirations: In five to ten years, we still want to be doing what we love. We want to be at the forefront of the field, still pushing and questioning what design can be.

Philosophy: If it isn’t fun for us to make, it’s probably not fun for someone to see or experience.

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