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Duration: I started my design firm, Vasty, in 2016.

Location: After living between New York and Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the last two years, I’m now based in Barcelona, Spain.

Education: I studied graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Career path: I’ve always wanted to be a graphic designer, and I’ve been lucky enough to keep that passion almost intact through the years. I worked in different areas of the design world for almost ten years, doing everything from visual identity to editorial to web design to motion graphics. Then, I cofounded a motion graphics studio and codirected it for two years. In 2016, I went on a new path of my own and created Vasty, the closest version of the studio that I had always dreamed of—a small boutique where I can work with collaborators, and also on personal projects.

Cultural influences: Growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina had a huge influence on how I feel about things. Argentinians tend to be quite passionate and this passion has moved me to design with a certain obsession. Music is also my constant companion and inspiration. I believe that everything—beyond art, books and films—can be an artistic influence. For example, moving to Barcelona has enriched and filled me with great experiences that have motivated me and helped me modify my approach.

The search for a genuine concept is a good motivator that surpasses all trends and fashion.”

Favorite project: I have a particular affection for Colorful Paper Craft Alphabet because it was my first papercraft project and combines several aspects of design that I like, such as typography, composition and set design.

Work environment: A few months ago, I moved the studio to Barcelona, a beautiful and vibrant city to live in and be inspired by all the time. My studio is a small but cheerful and versatile space for daily computer work, craft projects and photography. It is usually full of colorful papers everywhere; right now, I am preparing a little show here in Barcelona, so it is full of posters.

Approach: Sensitive searching that generates empathy in the viewer. I always try to communicate honestly about the project and what it is about, whether it is commissioned or personal; I search for the visual solution that fits the situation. I also love to explore different concepts and techniques.

Aspirations: In five or ten years, I see myself finding new ways to enjoy the process of creation and design, and spending less time in front of the computer.
I am not interested in expanding my practice a lot since I enjoy being involved in almost every aspects of a project.

Philosophy: Always work hard, but try to enjoy the whole process since 90 percent of the time is spent there. When you do what you like, you need to take pleasure from it. The search for a genuine concept is a good motivator that surpasses all trends and fashion. It can open many new doors.

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