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Duration: Six years. For a few years, I worked as a 3-D designer and generalist at Sehsucht in the Berlin office, and many years later, I became the director at foam studio. However, I’ve mostly worked freelance.

Location: Hamburg, Germany.

Education: I started studying fine arts at the Aki Academy of Art&Design in Enschede, The Netherlands, but lacked visual problem solving at that time. So, I left and continued my studies at the Münster School of Design in Münster, Germany, where I received my diploma in graphic design. The university is well known for its crossdisciplinary areas of studies: graphic designers learn product design as well as photography and mixed media.

Career path: My abilities evolved as my skills improved and my career went in different directions. From the very beginning, I liked working on visual concepts and stories by directing and leading teams at production studios like foam studio, FutureDeluxe, INFECTED, ManvsMachine, Sehsucht and Tendril.

I love using design to solve problems. Like highlighting the product for a client through composition and graphic shapes. Or making a striking, artsy magazine that maintains its readability and personality by using the right font. Or just by finding solutions for technical problems and creating smooth animations to develop an impressive commercial.

Don’t overcomplicate things. Communication is key.”

Artistic influences: It’s difficult not to be influenced by social media feeds like Instagram, and sometimes I find myself spinning around in circles while using apps, like Pinterest, for research. Offline, I find many influences from my environment, like the museums and art exhibitions in my neighborhood. I’m inspired by the work of my friends who are illustrators, material designers and photographers. The fashion industry is also a great place to look for colors, shapes, motion and textures.

Work environment: My everyday environment is rather unusual. I love traveling and working in different studios. Even though I feel comfy in my studio in Hamburg, which is actually an old school, I often visit studios and work with the teams on site. It’s challenging but also inspiring, seeing other studios with different work settings.

Approach: Over the last couple of years, I worked with many companies, and made many friends and strong working relationships. I’m a good designer; however, when I’m teaming up with friends and creatives, I can create great work. These days, there are lots of one-man-show designers who create amazing content but usually struggle to work on a team. My particular strengths are that I’m a team player who not only leads, but also works hands on as well. I love to design as much as I love to animate, texture, composite and create technical, challenging simulations.

Aspirations: In five to ten years, I see myself surrounded by great artists and friends. I’ll be working with my mate designer Vincent Schwenk as a creative duo. Maybe we’ll have a small sunny studio in Hamburg where both of us can discuss new visuals and concepts while playing ping pong.

Philosophy: Try to understand the client. Respect the client. Try to understand your team and colleagues. Respect your team and colleagues. Don’t overcomplicate things. Communication is key. Love your work. Respect and trust yourself. No one will be hurt.

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