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January/February 2014

Typography Annual | 4

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An innovative Berlin-based designer manipulates type and texture by hand.
Avant-garde artists craft memorable, immersive experience for brands.
A veteran digital illustrator evokes a painterly picture of his near-perfect career.
This San Francisco-based ad agency wins big with emotive branded storytelling.
An adventurous photographer reveals his subjects’ true nature.
th1ng and M&C saatchi created a gripping animated spot for the counseling program.
Brandon Van Liere’s comprehensive brand identity riffs on vintage pinup images.
J.W. Hulme Co.’s refreshed brand by Wink emphasizes the company’s 100-year history of quality.
Cultivator created a lemon-riding cowboy for western-themed Dust Cutter lemonade’s identity.
Tanamachi Studio lovingly hand-drew chalk art covers for the new children’s book series.
The Power to the Penny campaign by YARD honors two American icons: Weejuns loafers and pennies.
Every detail counts in FÖDA’s yacht-inspired brand for Austin, Texas–area oyster bar.
Elastic’s animated title sequence for TNT’s new show tells its backstory.
Blue Rudder’s poster campaign for the rum runner exhibit focuses on speed.
A Zehnder-created video passionately communicates what makes Gulf Coast Seafood so remarkably good.
Former Missouri farm girl Carmen Troesser photographs food using all five senses.
Brooklyn-based illustrator Jensine Eckwall is not afraid to make art that she is embarrassed about.
This colorful Los Angeles ad agency embraces the simplicity of great design.
Creative director Ernie Schenck uncovers the universal themes of successful global campaigns.
Artist and educator Wendy Richmond compares citizen videos in the eras of Kennedy and Obama.
Alissa Walker explores invigorating alternatives to the tired design conference.
Jessica Carew Kraft investigates in-agency camps remaking the lowly internship.
Jude Stewart asks Pantone's prognosticator how color will fuel design in 2014.
Designer Angelynn Grant asks Village’s Incubator how new typefaces get hatched.
Digital strategist Jon Thomas discovers six brands getting social media right.
Sam McMillan explains how ads are now watching you.
Type designer Ksenya Samarskaya discusses the joy of creating typefaces with structural challenges to overcome.
Book Reviews
The title’s obvious understatement is pure Bantjes—there is always an edge that is being pushed.
This is a beautiful picture book of the things we love.
This book falls short as a treatise on typographic history, but the illustrations are a delight.

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