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May/June 2018

Illustration Annual | 59

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A production studio is just beginning to unlock the potentials of storytelling in virtual reality.
This Cleveland design studio creates projects that are heavy in research and light in spirit.
Her work imparts her stylist’s eye, and her story reveals her fearless heart. This Florida-based photographer is poised for new challenges.
This San Francisco–based experiential marketing agency builds the magic one detail at a time.
Lorenzo Petrantoni, Colossal Media and agency Armando Testa’s mural for Amaro Montegro fuses the amaro brand’s historical legacy with a modern twist.
Pavement’s packaging for Superba! incorporates retro European design for a lasting impression.
Jack Renwick Studio’s identity for Millbank Farm reflects the care and expertise that goes into the fields.
J Fletcher Design’s “The Art of Magic” themed stamps for USPS amazes the crowd with its universally astounding illustrations.
Agência Kindle’s cheeky print ads for Geneal present the local hot dog brand as an available snack options for all ages.
Medellín, Colombia–based design firm Creamos’s colorful packaging for Halau takes consumers to the joyful islands of Hawaii.
Córdova Canillas’s catalog for AOO showcases the small details that give the furniture its high quality.
Jdate wants all the single Jewish people to know it’s back—and this time with yentas.
Romance’s spots for the online MMO World of Tanks shows players that tanks are only fun to use in video games.
Postmates’s OOH ads communicate its service and way of life—and how it’s similar to the Los Angeles lifestyle.
Clients turn to this Los Angeles–based photographer for images that pulse with vibrant colors and bright natural light.
In Paris, two brothers have a studio that melds patterns, raster graphics and bitmaps into designs that break the mold.
This small but mighty team at the London, United Kingdom–based studio infuses animation with warmth and charm.
Illustrators and agents still search for the one. But, as Scott Kirkwood reveals, their relationship has changed with the times.
Monospaced fonts aren’t going anywhere. Allan Haley considers the history of a field brimming with unique personalities.
Wendy Richmond explores what artworks can reveal about their makers, as well as her own art making.
As marketers rush out pop-ups, Jessica Carew Kraft looks beyond the hype to see what will make these experiences last.
“Everyone is creative!” Ernie Schenck writes why such thinking is wishful and dangerous.
Anna Wray, Yao Xiao, Vanessa Brantley-Newton, Brian Rea and Christopher Darling share tools that inspire them.
Book Reviews
Martin Salisbury honors the notable artists of the dust jacket before the digital age.
David Apatoff explores the life and career of one of the most successful illustrators of the twentieth century.
This resource-heavy book takes readers through a timeline of key developments and breakthroughs within the field.

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