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March/April 2021

Interactive Annual | 439

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In Montréal, a design studio turns strong concepts into fruitful collaborations.
This Los Angeles photographer makes room for the unexpected in the ordinary.
The Amsterdam-based ad agency brings big ideas to life by refining the creative details.
An artist, textile designer and fast-rising illustrator in Berlin packs complex themes into minimalistic silhouettes.
Five type designers share how they uniquely approach their craft.
These provocative print ads for IKEA remind us of the importance of a great night’s sleep in a larger-than-life way.
DCX Growth Accelerator crafted installations with Amazon cardboard boxes to remind people that indie bookstores are being boxed out whenever they buy books on Amazon.
“Paper Box” plunges viewers into the colors, textures and sounds that make up Fedrigoni’s newest paper collection.
Fraser T. Smith’s new music project Future Utopia’s first album compiles charming musical responses to twelve challenging questions.
Pádraig Ó Tuama’s “How to Belong Be Alone” animation kicks off Poetry Unbound’s collection of beautiful films that bring new depth to poetry.
Lake View Cemetery’s cheeky spots propose that this Cleveland cemetery is an ideal destination for a very extended stay.
The identity for Wilder Fields highlights this Chicago-based vertical farming startup’s passion to bring new flavors of greens to the market.
“TED Countdown – Johan Rockström” brings new awareness to our global climate in an informative, impactful way.
The retrofuturist campaign for Meatable communicates the positive impact this sustainable cruelty-free meat startup has on the planet.
Robot Food’s packaging for Vocation Brewery’s Hop Showcase series pairs exotic fruit and wildlife images together to celebrate the flavor profiles of each beer.
This Lagos-based photographer brings out the human element of photography in his work.
This conceptual illustrator creates thought-provoking visuals by employing contrasting shapes and textures in her work.
The cofounders of this Brooklyn-based firm apply their global perspectives to design in their quest to create distinctive work.
Looking through old family photos, Wendy Richmond muses on what gets passed down through generations.
Creatives who have the courage to enter the cave of ideas might just find greatness, Ernie Schenck writes.
Plastic food and beverage packaging is polluting the planet. Jasmin Malik Chua unpacks possible solutions.
Elena Goukassian traces how US postage stamp design has evolved with the country.
Chris Daniels interviews creative leaders who launched new agencies during the pandemic.
Andréa Crofts, Michael Kern, Nahel Moussi, Anirudh Shrinivas and Rachel Smith share the projects and resources that keep them inspired.
Book Reviews
By Neil Leonard, Frédérique Santune and Andrew Way, this reference for digital design provides the framework for designers to establish their own ethics.
In Wang Shaoqiang’s collection of texts on digital typography, QR codes on each project allow readers to see it as it was designed on their devices.
Scott Berkun’s book examines the thinking behind the design of objects and interfaces in our everyday surroundings.

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