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Hal Curtis, art director
Mike Byrne, writer
Mike Byrne/Hal Curtis, creative directors
Carl Nilsson, director of photography
Brian Buongiorno/Ben Gibbs/Christel Hazard, Inferno artists
Gavin Cutler, editor
Elias Arts, music company
Marc Healy, sound engineer
Ulf Johansson, director
Dan Connelly, visual effects supervisor
Jennifer Smieja, agency producer
Philippa Smith, executive producer
Smith & Jones Films, production company
Wieden+Kennedy, ad agency
Nike, client
What If :90 SFX: Music and sound effects throughout. Boxing (Open wide of boxing stadium with Lance coming in. Cut to medium of Lance getting into boxing ring) Boxing (VO): (Ian Furness) And there's the Texas Tickler Lance "Big Tex" Armstrong. Undefeated… Baseball (Cut to medium of Agassi running on baseball field. Cut to wide shot of Agassi and other players running into the dugout. Cut to medium shot of baseball player catching the ball and throwing it to first base. Cut to CU of Agassi in dugout talking to other players) Baseball VO: (Michael Carlucci)…close play and you have to be perfect there, that's exactly what Andre Agassi demonstrated. Quick bare-handed grab, no bobble at all. And just connects with Millar to get Winn at first base. He has been… Gymnastics (Cut to CU of Marion Jones getting ready to run towards the vault; she lifts her arm up. Cut to medium shot of her arm still raised) Gymnastics (VO): (Bart Connors) She'll be going for a Yurchencko half on, piked, front half off. It's one of the most difficult vaults. Super: Marion Jones Vault USA Hockey (Cut to Vick and Urlacher on the hockey bench. Cut to CU profile of Vick & Urlacher Hockey (VO): (Ian Furness) ... And a good look at Urlacher. Sitting next to Michael Vick. Not a bad one-two punch. Boxing (Cut to CU of Lance and manger in ring. Cut to medium shot of Lance and manager with opponent and his manager with the referee talking to them before the match begins Boxing Referee: (Marty Denkin) ….what my responsibility is. Good luck. Touch gloves. Bowling (Cut to CU of bowling ball and pan up to Randy Johnson holding it, preparing to bowl Bowling (VO): (Hal Curtis) Randy Johnson builds toward the most major moment in his PBA… Volleyball (Cut to medium shot of Serena Williams about to serve in a beach volleyball game [yell from audience] Go Serena! (Cut to wide shot of volleyball going across the court for an ace serve) Volleyball (VO): (Colleen Shea) …so powerful.... Ace serve Williams! (Cut to CU of Serena giving her teammate a high-five) Gymnastic (Cut to medium shot of Marion Jones running for the vault, camera follows as she does a cartwheel and vault with a perfect landing) Gymnastic (VO): (female) ... Beautiful landing! Boxing (Cut to wide shot of Lance boxing with opponent in ring) Boxing (VO): (Ian Furness) Armstrong attacking! Hockey (Cut to wide shot of Urlacher checking his opponent in hockey) Hockey (VO): (Ian Furness) Meet Mr. Urlacher! Bowling (Cut to Randy Johnson bowling) Bowling (VO): (Hal Curtis) The last time it happened, Pete Weber, Fountain Bowl. World, say hello to bowling! (Cut to behind shot of Randy bowling down the lane. Cut to same. Cut to medium shot of Randy shaking his fist congratulatory. Cut to CU of Randy's opponent sitting down. Cut to CU of Randy shaking his fist, encouraging himself on. Cut to wide shot of Randy getting ready to sit down and his opponent drying his hands on the air vents preparing to bowl) Hockey (Cut to medium shot of Vick going back to the hockey bench) Hockey (VO): (Ian Furness)...roughing and obviously not happy about it. Baseball (Cut to medium of Agassi about to bat) Baseball VO: (Michael Carlucci) …on fire. The pitch on the way, Andre slices one to left field for his third hit of the game… (Cut to wide shot of Agassi batting and stands, perspective from behind the pitcher's mound. Cut to wide shot of ball going into outfield) Boxing (Cut to medium shot of Lance in boxing ring getting water break with his manager talking to him) Boxing (VO): (Ian Furness) Armstrong with the quick hands. Left. Right. Thanks for coming. (Cut to wide shot of Lance in ring punching opponent. Cut to CU/medium shot of profile of punch) SFX: Bell rings. (Cut to CU of Lance in boxing ring corner chair with manager giving encouragement/advice) Hockey (Cut to wide shot of hockey game with a score) Hockey (VO): (Ian Furness) Vick walks in... Vick shoots and scores!!! Volleyball (Cut to medium shot of Serena spiking the ball over the net, pan to opponent diving and hitting the ball out of bounds) Volleyball (VO): (Colleen Shea) Slamming it down…! Big spike… Serena! (Cut to Serena and teammate giving high-fives) Hockey (Cut to Vick high-five/hugging Urlacher and team) Hockey (VO): (Ian Furness) Unbelievable break away speed! Gymnastic (Cut to Marion coming off the mat, hugging her team) Gymnastic (VO): (Bart Connors) ...what a great moment… Bowling (Cut to Randy receiving the winning check from PBA and holding his trophy) Bowling (VO): (Hal Curtis) The big check for The Big Unit! Volleyball (Cut to Serena and teammate shaking hands with opponents under the net) Volleyball (VO): (Colleen Shea) …another win for Williams/Mason. Baseball (Cut to Agassi getting a handshake from teammate in the dugout) Baseball (VO): (Michael Carlucci)…and the Fenway Park crowd... Boxing (Cut to Lance in the boxing ring being lifted up in the ring) Boxing (VO): (Ian Furness) Lance Armstrong… Can you believe it! This guy can do anything! Super: Just Do It. Super: Swoosh

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