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Pete Favat, art director
Roger Baldacci, writer
Tom Adams/Roger Baldacci, creative directors
Alex Bogusky/Pete Favat, executive creative directors
Ron Lawner, chief creative officer
Eric Treml, director of photography
Tom Scherma/Dave Waller, editors
Mike Secher, sound engineer
Tim Godsall, director
Amy Favat, agency producer
Karen O'Brien, production company producer
Biscuit Filmworks, production company
Arnold Worldwide/Crispin Porter + Bogusky, ad agencies
American Legacy Foundation, client

Shards O' Glass :60 (Open on a business executive in a suit standing in front of a conveyor belt. He is wearing a hair net and protective eye wear. He walks and speaks to the camera. As he does so, we see various aspects of the assmbly line. Shards of glass are being dumped into the popsicle molds, then a purple liquid is pumped into the molds. We see workers on the conveyor belt line and a large first-aid station in the background) MAN: At Shards O Glass Freeze Pops, we want you to know where we stand on important glass pop issues. For example, we now agree there is no such thing as a safe glass freeze pop. They are addictive and can cause serious health issues. In fact, one third of people who enjoy our product will eventually die from shards-related ailments. The only proven way to reduce health risks from our freeze pops is to not eat them. For more, including information and links on how to help quit our freeze pops, visit our Web site. (Close-up of computer URL address Shardsoglass.com) Man: And remember, Shards O Glass Freeze Pops are for adults only! Camera Card: Imagine if all companies sold products like tobacco.* (Cut to exterior shot of the manufacturing plant with the crazyworld sign flickering in front in the foreground) Truth Logo * Alt. Card: Imagine if all companies made products like tobacco.


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