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Alan Madill/Christina Yu, art directors
Terry Drummond/Ian MacKellar, writers
Terry Drummond/Alan Madill, creative directors
Jack Neary, chief creative officer
Wyatt Troll, director of photography
David Hicks, School Editing, editor
Kuntz & Maguire, director
AXYZ, special effects director
Margaret John, agency producer
Geoff Cornish/Cindy Williams, production company producers
new new films, production company
BBDO Canada, ad agency
FedEx Canada Ltd., client
"Chameleons" :30 (Open in an open-concept office. We see a group of employees going about their day. A man walks in who is clearly in a position of authority over these people) Boss: Hey, who shipped the 200 boxes to Boston? (This could only be a question about a botched shipment and no on wants to take the blame for it. Like chameleons, the employees start blending into their surroundings so the boss won't see them. First the guy near the filing cabinet starts to fade into the background. His gray pants match the filing cabinet. His cream white shirt matches the wall. And his face merges perfectly with a poster of faces that hangs on the wall behind him. A woman wearing a garden print dress camouflages herself by stepping in front of a plant. Cut to the boss. We see him straining to find his employees who have disappeared right in front of his eyes. Then we see one individual who doesn't seem to have this camouflaging skill. The boss's eyes settle on him) Boss: Was it you Lewis? (Lewis looks for support. He too can't see his co-workers. He turns back to his boss) Lewis: (Cautiously) I shipped it with FedEx..… (The boss gestures approvingly at Lewis) Boss: You're a heck of a man, doing a heck of a job, Lewis. (The boss looks around the room once more, then back to Lewis. The boss leaves and Lewis's colleagues reappear) Anncr. (VO): Trust the company with proven reliability…relax, it's FedEx. Logo: FedEx

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